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More and better covers
28 Jan 2015
Ralf Lux (Germany), webmaster of the Clifford D. Simak International Bibliography, probably thought that I had nothing to do after finishing the story pages. He sent me an email, four printed pages long, with links about new information for me and this website.
So, back to work...! Many thanks, oder vielen Dank, Ralf!

What follows are the first few items of Ralf's list.
I added a cover of Οι Εραστες (1989), the first Greek edition of The Lovers from publisher Ars Longa.
Also one of 恋 人たち (1966), the first Japanese edition of the same novel from publsher Hayakawa. I'm still looking for the cover of the second Japanese edition, or the book itself of course.

The Israeli edition of Dayworld, עולמיום, from
publisher Am Oved (1988) is completed with a picture of the cover.
The Romanian edition of Dayworld Rebel, Rebelul din Dayworld (2001), has a better cover, and now a larger one too.

The Russian Riverworld omnibus Мир реки (Russkaya Troika, 1991) was published with two different dustjackets. Till now only the first cover was shown, but I have added the second cover too.

Finally I found proof of another printing, January 1995, of Plus fort que le feu. the French translation of More Than Fire.

Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2015

January 26, 1918
(February 25, 2009)
Japanese Werewolf
21 Jan 2015
Recently I updated the story page of "Wolf, Iron and Moth". Fred Fischer (USA) send me a puzzle if there might be a what he thought Chinese translation of the anthology The Ultimate Werewolf, because of a cover picture he sent me.
A Chinese translation is unknown to me, but I already knew there to be a Japanese translation. Fred's cover proofed this.

I did some research and found the data for the Japanese translation of the story, "狼の血脈". I even found a way to order the book for my collection. As soon as I receive it, the cover scan will be replaced with a better one.
Thirty-one eBooks from Gateway
19 Jan 2015
British publisher Gollancz started in 2011 the SF Gateway imprint for their line of eBooks. Gollancz is very successful with these eBooks. Many authors see their –sometimes long lost– books again 'in print', and available for the reader.

Gateway (website) published till now 31 books by Philip José Farmer. Eighteen of them in 2012, twelve in 2013, and only one in 2014. See the chronological list below. It includes the complete Riverworld series, the complete World of Tiers series, and the three Exorcism (or Herald Childe) novels. Finally, also both the fictional biographies about Tarzan and Doc Savage, and the very rare Love Song are available.
































Most of Farmer's books are now in electronic format available. See the page 'Audio Books & eBooks' for more information about these publications, or follow the link on that page to the book page of a title.
These Gateway eBooks can be bought at Amazon, B&N, or Kobo for instance, for prices between £2.50 and £5.00, or $4.00 and $8.00 in the US.
The final restyled story page!
12 Jan 2015
It took about a period of four years to redesign all the more than one hundred book pages. After I had finished these in the summer of 2010 I started the job of redoing the 138 story pages. Now, four and a half years later, I finished the last one.
Pfff...I'm happy to finish this job!

It was a tremendous amount of work to check every publication again. Checking the publications in my own huge collection, or trying to order the few missing publications from around the globe. Or else checking some reliable sources on the internet if I couldn't get the publication myself (yet).
It is still possible that I missed some story publications, during the last few years several unexpected ones were found in sometimes obscure books or magazines, but I dare to say that this is the most complete and detailed bibliography of all of Farmer's writing.

The final story page is that of "The Wounded" (1954). I could not remember what this story was about, so I read it again. It is only marginally science fiction, if at all. It is about love and the role Cupid plays in it.
In his early career Farmer wrote some astounding stories, like "The Lovers" (1952), "Sail On! Sail On!" (1952), and "Mother" (1953). But "The Wounded" is not one of his best stories, it is a minor story. It was never commercially reprinted, but for Pearls from Peoria.
If you haven't read it, don't worry, you won't miss it.
A Werewolf Story
12 Jan 2015
For Byron Preiss' anthology The Ultimate Werewolf (1991) Phil Farmer wrote an original werewolf story, "Wolf, Iron and Moth".

The story was first time reprinted in the collection Pearls from Peoria (2006).
In his short introduction to the story the editor, Paul Spiteri, wrote: «In this story Phil brings some common sense to the mythology of the werewolf. What kind of people would they be? How would they function in the modern world? Would they exhibit the very basic need to be with (or at least have knowledge of) their own kind?»

Nearly finished, only one story page left for restyling!
Some publication statistics
9 Jan 2015
Last year, 2014, were the lowest amount of PJF books of the last ten years published. Only six books and one PJF related, with the novella from Josh Reynolds.
And in 2014 none of Farmer's stories were reprinted as far as I know, also the lowest amount of the last ten years.

year books story publications countries
2014 6 (+1)* 0 3 / 0
2013 12 (+1)* 1 4 / 1
2012 16 (+1)* 2 5 / 2
2011 12 21 2 / 1
2010 11 3 2 / 1
2009 10 3 4 / 3
2008 19 14 7 / 2
2007 17 23 8 / 2
2006 18 71 5 / 2
2005 7 8 4 / 4
*) PJF related, but written by others.

There is not much hope that the year 2015 will do any better. Only two novellas are planned for publication, both PJF related and written by Christopher Paul Carey.
I'm still so sorry that Titan Books stopped with reissues of Phil's work. They should have published at least the second and third Opar / Khokarsa novels, after the first one. Meteor House might be able to publish these two, we have to wait and see.
The Volcano in a Cornfield
7 Jan 2015
Six stories, seven if you include the serial "Venus on the Half-Shell", were written by Philip José Farmer for 'the department of fictional authors' in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. These stories were published in this magazine during the years 1975-1977. Farmer wrote them under pseudonym, using the name of a fictional author.

One of these stories is "The Volcano" published in February 1976. It was published using the pseudonym of Paul Chapin., who is a fictional author from the Nero Wolfe novel The League of Frightened Men (1935) by Rex Stout.

"The Volcano" is a mix of a science fiction, fantasy and a detective story. Pick your choice. Where did the volcano in the cornfield of a farm in a little town come from? It could not be there, because the place is far from volcanic origin. And then there is the strange disappearance of a man. What happened to him?
The Marx Brothers in Science Fiction
6 Jan 2015
Phil Farmer wrote a couple of odd and hilarious short stories. He called them Polytropical Paramyths. These "...short stories are closer to the films of the Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges than anything else I can think of...", according to Farmer in his foreword to the story "The Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix".

Like the Marx Brothers movies, which I saw several times many years ago and liked a lot, you should not take the stories very serious. Better to laugh or smile the whole time while reading this story about the sounds coming from an appendix.

The story was first time published in Quark / 2 in 1971, and most recently reprinted in the collection Up the Bright River (2011).

The Devil himself
3 Jan 2015
In August 3014 Positronic Publishing brought another Super Pack anthology, a month after the Science Fiction Super Pack #1 (with the story "They Twinkled Like Jewels").

I discovered only now the other big anthology, the Fantasy Super Pack #1, with 34 stories in it on 566 pages. It contains Farmer's story "Rastignac the Devil".

None of the 34 stories are protected by copyright anymore, according to the copyright pages. This very big anthology is a Print-on-Demand publication, and costs $19.99 for the printed version, or $1.96 voor the Kindle eBook.
Farmer broke important ground
2 Jan 2015
M. Keith Booker writes in his recently published book, Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction in Literature, an interesting entry about Philip José Farmer.
Booker starts this entry with: «The American writer Philip José Farmer broke important ground in both science fiction and fantasy, and in a number of different ways.»

Brooke then gives some examples of Farmer's writing illustrating his statement. With stories about sexuality like "The Lovers", about religion like "The God Business", and about alien biology like in "Open to Me, My Sister".
About the evolution in planetary romances, with Farmer's The Green Odyssey and The Wind Whales of Ishmael for instance.
Many of Farmer's novels and themes in his work are mentioned in this entry: The Worlds of Tiers series, the Riverworld series, the Wold Newton Family, the Dayworld series, and Kilgore Trout's Venus on the Half-Shell.
This Dictionary, called in a review "a wonderful reference book", is published in hardcover by Rowman & Littlefield in October 2014. It costs $95.00 or £59.95.
Strange kind of magic in Elderton
31 Dec 2014
Just on the threshold of the year 2014 to 2015 I received today the new edition of Tracy Knight's first novel The Astonished Eye. I loved reading it very much, when it first came out in 2001.

Andy Fairclough wrote in his review: «It's an uncanny blend of mystery, science fiction, fantasy and horror. There are strong elements of Bradbury, Carroll, and King in Tracy Knight's writing but his voice is definitely his own. The novel demonstrates both the author's fantastical imagination and his ability to write a delightful and moving narrative.»
To which I have nothing further to add!

Philip Jose Farmer wrote an introduction to this book with the 2001 publication. His introduction is also included in this new edition from Stark House Press, which you can buy for $15.95.
Recommended, and not for Farmer's introduction only!

Alan M. Clark
The Space Wanderer
17 Dec 2014
This is one of the most funniest science fiction stories I have ever read, the two-part serial "Venus on the Half-Shell". I enjoyed this story very much.
Simon Wagstaff traveling through the universe on a quest to find the "Definitive Answer to the Ultimate Question". This story was written years before Douglas Adams wrote his The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that has the same theme.

art: Ron Walotsky

Farmer used the pseudonym Kilgore Trout with the publications of his story. A character from several novels by Kurt Vonnegut.
After publication of the novel Venus on the Half-Shell Vonnegut withdrew his permission for further novels written by Farmer under this pseudonym. Farmer wrote about this: «...for a brief though glorious period, I was Kilgore Trout."»

Mazey & Schell
Le Monde du Fleuve
14 Dec 2014
Two weeks ago I added a new printing of the French edition L'univers à l'envers , translation of Indside Outside. By the way, this one has seen more French editions than US ones.
I also discovered some other new printings of Farmer's books in France.

Three of his Riverworld novels have been reprinted again.
First novel is Le Monde du Fleuve (To Your Scattered Bodies Go) in June 2014.
Next Le Labyrinthe magique (The Magic Labyrinth), which was published in November 2012. This printing has a new cover illustration.

And finally Les Dieux du fleuve (Gods of Riverworld), in March 2014.
The three new printings are added to their book pages.

Trip to Uranus
12 Dec 2014
It took editor Byron Preiss three years to finish the special anthology The Planets. Many scientists were asked to write an essay about one of the nine planets in our Solar system, about the Moon and the Asteroids and Comets.

Each planetary essay is followed by one or two stories from science fiction authors. Philip José Farmer takes us with him to the seventh planet, Uranus, with his story "Uranus or UFO Versus IRS".

art: Richard Courtney

The spacecraft Herschel discovers some strange, artificial looking artifacts in one of the rings of Uranus and tries to take one of them in. The object explodes. Two Uranian creatures are living on Earth. They see what is happening. And think about how to act and react.

Then the story goes far over the top for me with the enormous wealth of the two Uranians, accumulated over a long period of years with their many companies on Earth. The IRS starts to battle them...

Uproar in Acheron, a western
8 Dec 2014
Farmer started his writing career not with science fiction stories. But he had no success in selling the mainstream stories he wrote. Only one was sold and got published in 1946, "O'Brien and Obrenov".

Farmer switched to writing science fiction stories, but his ideas were never limited to that genre alone. He had, during the 1940s, written two or three Western short stories, which were rejected, and one-fourth of a Western novel, according to Farmer in his introduction to the following story.
He came back to this Western genre with the story "Uproar in Acheron", that was published in 1961 in the UK version of The Saint Mystery Magazine. Seven months later it appeared in the US version of this magazine.

The story is about three con men trying to fool and rip-off the town's people of Acheron, by bringing back the dead.

An imaginary quest?
7 Dec 2014
Another story page restyled, the one of "Up the Bright River". Only seven more stories to go...

Philip José Farmer had started a 'sidestream' novel in the Riverworld series, also not part of the main story in the novels.
A brief outline and some notes of this sidestream novel, Riverworld Dawn, were found in Phil's archives. The outline was published in the last issue of the fanzine Farmerphile.

The novel was never written, but some of his ideas for this novel were used for the stories "Crossing the Dark River" (1992) and its sequel, "Up the Bright River" (1993). Nearly all of the characters in these stories are Phil's own ancestors.

Don Ivan Punchatz
Little French encyclopedia
2 Dec 2014
In June 1987 appeared in France the mass market pocket encyclopedia La science-fiction.
In nearly 300 pages every major science fiction author from the US and France, and many science fiction themes, were treated. A short biography of the author's life and writing career. The entries are accompanied with a bibliography of the publications in France.

Philip José Farmer is included with a biography, where he is called one of all time's greatest SF authors. Despite the fact that his work was not always understood and fully appreciated in France.

Thanks Fred Fischer (US) for this find.

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