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Publisher Meteor House, Michael Croteau, interviewed
22 Nov 2015
Michael Croteau started his PJF career in 1996 as the webmaster of The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page.
In 2005 he began publishing the quarterly fanzine Farmerphile. Fifteen issues of these were published till 2009.

A year later, in 2010, he started as publisher of Meteor House. The fanzine was replaced with the first book publication he edited, The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions. Of this series are now four volumes, and we eagerly await the fifth.

In 2012 Michael expanded Meteor House's publications with completely new works by other authors. First of these is Exiles of Kho, by Christopher Paul Carey, and the total till now is nine Farmer or Farmer related works. Some of his plans are known, but what about the rest?
Time for some questions for the publisher about his future plans with Meteor House.

Q: Hi Michael, you've surprised many of us with a range of beautifully published books. It started with The Worlds of Philip José Farmer series of books, now four volumes.
We know some of the plans for the near future, like The Song of Kwasin, and The Scarlet Jaguar this year, with The Monster on Hold and Blood of Ancient Opar next year.
Can you tell us something about your plans in general for the future with Meteor House?

Mike: Thank you Rias. Reprinting Phil’s works and bringing out new ones set in his worlds is a labor of love for all of us involved.
As for the future, more novellas for sure! We haven’t made announcements yet but we plan on publishing two more novellas in 2016 other than Blood of Ancient Opar.
We also have someone completing another novel that Philip José Farmer started but never finished. That could come out in 2016 as well. I will say that The Monster on Hold will come out in 2017, not 2016, with at least one more novella that year.

Q: Will your publishing plans mainly be centered around Philip José Farmer and his ideas?

Mike: Yes. We do want to continue to branch out, as we did this year with Airship Hunters, but our main focus will be Philip José Farmer related books for the foreseeable future.

Q: Do we get to see any more volumes in The Worlds of Philip José Farmer series?

Mike: Yes, a fifth volume is in the works, most likely to be published in 2017.

Q: In 2014 you announced The Foundation of Kôr trilogy, to be written by Christopher Paul Carey. When will the three volumes, Gates of Kôr, Scourge of Kôr and Fires of Kôr be published?

Mike: We don’t have a firm timeline yet, they’re likely to be published over the next couple of years, depending on Chris’s other commitments.

Q: Have you seen the want lists on this site by some of the fans?
What are your ideas about this for Meteor House? Might we ever see the publication of As You Desire? And of Cougar by the Tail?

Mike: I have been following the want lists with great interest. All of the books published by Titan Books will be tied up for a while, so we can’t reprint those anytime soon. As for the rest, a lot of those wants certainly coincide with ours, especially The Dark Heart of Time and Escape From Loki. Whether or not we’ll be able to reprint them, remains to be seen.

Thank you for you time Mike! And also many thanks for the many beautiful and great books from Meteor House.
Riders of the Purple Wage in Germany
29 Oct 2015
I just discovered an omnibus, Highlights 2, with three earlier seperately published anthologies, edited by H.J. Alpers.
The book is published by Moewig Verlag in Germany in 1986. It includes the anthologies Kopernikus 2, Kopernikus 7 and Kopernikus 8.

The last one, Kopernikus 8 (1982), has a story by Philip José Farmer: "Die Reiter der Purpurnen Sozialhilfe oder Das große Ding". This is a translation of "Riders of the Purple Wage".

Newly found printing of The Dark Design
28 Oct 2015
I thought that only some of the publishers in the US had problems with correctly counting the prints and reprints of a book. It gave me a headache in the past sometimes to get the publication history right. Publishers like Ace, Signet, DAW and Berkley Books were not that precise in giving the correct data.

But now I also found a publisher in the UK, Granada, that had problems with the correct publication history, in this case with the paperback of The Dark Design. I have proof of ten printings, but only the first two give correct data.
Later printings mention reprints in 1980 and 1981, while other reprints were left out. Both the 1980 and 1981 reprints were non-existent I thought, because I had no proof for them. But recently I found in a Dutch book shop, in Amsterdam, a copy of the 1980 printing. Reason to correct the data on the book page of The Dark Design. Maybe that the phantom 1981 printing is real also.
The Dark Heart of Time in France
18 Oct 2015
It seems that no publisher in France was interested in publishing a translation of Philip José Farmer's Tarzan novel, The Dark Heart of Time.
Probably the reason why it was privately translated and printed
, by someone who really wanted the novel in French, in a nice trade paperback as Le Cœur Noir du Temps.

The book has no publication information whatsoever, but for the original title, publisher and publication year. No translator, no publisher, no date of publication (probably in 2014-2015), and no cover artist. I discovered that the cover is by Paul Renaud, who did this one for the comic magazine Lord of the Jungle # 6 in 2012.
I have no idea if this publication is a legal one, but I have my doubts.

The trade paperback is pretty expensive if you want one. It is sold for € 85,00 through eBay.
We want more...
5 Oct 2015
Another wantlist of the books we like to see in editions from Meteor House was received from Dan Getz (USA).

Dan Getz:
«Here is my short list. Fire and the Night, Time's Last Gift, The Dark Heart of Time and if the long lost manuscript can be found  As You Desire by Dr. William Norfolk.»
Thanks Dan!

That would be something, if we could see the publication of As You Desire! I have no high hopes for it, but who knows...
However, Farmer did not want it published anymore.
First Wantlists received
29 Sep 2015
My wantlist yesterday of the books I like to see in Meteor House's editions got the first reactions.

Christopher Paul Carey:
«That’s a great “wantlist” for Meteor House books! It very closely matches my own wantlist.
I wanted to point out that Titan Books currently holds the license for the print rights to Hadon of Ancient Opar, and will continue to hold those rights for the next few years, so that’s not a book Meteor House will be able to publish for a while. Perhaps that’s a good thing, as it will give me time to track down the original manuscript of the novel and see if there’s any text that was cut that might justify publishing a Restored Edition!
I’m guessing Overlook still holds the rights to The Unreasoning Mask, too, though I’m not sure. I love that book.»

Willem Hettinga:
«There are a few I would like to see: A Barnstormer in Oz, Image of the Beast, Blown, Escape from Loki, Jesus on Mars, and Love Song

Fred Fischer:
«I like your idea and some of your choices.
I agree on Hadon, Dark is the Sun, Escape from Loki, and The Unreasoning Mask. I would add The Green Odyssey and Time's Last Gift

Keep them coming your wantlists. Who knows what surprises Santa Mike will be bringing for Christmas... (or next year, or...)

And oh yes, I forgot the in 2008 announced Cougar by the Tail, by Philip José Farmer & Tracy Knight. See here for the announcement.
My Wantlist for Meteor House
28 Sep 2015
Meteor House brought us until now several Farmer or Farmer related books in pretty hardcovers. And in trade paperbacks. All are books in the Doc Savage / Pat Wildman series, or the Opar / Khokarsa series.
More of these are yet to come, like The Song of Kwasin, Blood of Ancient Opar, and The Monster on Hold.

Because of these publication I got the appetite for more books in the same beautiful hardcovers. I made a wantlist of the books I like to see in Meteor House's editions, for one reason or another.

- Philip José Farmer conquiert l'univers, by François Mottier;
- Hadon of Ancient Opar;
- The City Beyond Play, by PJF & Danny Adams;
- The Dark Heart of Time, a Tarzan novel;
- Dark is the Sun;
- Escape from Loki, a Doc Savage novel;
- Greatheart Silver;
- River of Eternity, a Riverworld novel;
- The Unreasoning Mask.

The first of these, Philip José Farmer conquiert l'univers, translated in English of course. We already have Farmer's "Postface" in translation.
I love to see the above titles all in print from Meteor House, but I have no idea if that ever will be possible.

Maybe we can help Meteor House's publisher, Michael Croteau, a bit in his decision wich books to publish. If possible for him of course.

You can send me your wantlists by email and I will publish them here online. I'm curious which titles are wanted the most.
More from Meteor House
20 Sep 2015
Publisher Meteor House seems ambitious in their plans for new books. In November we will see the hardcover of The Scarlet Jaguar, written by Win Scott Eckert. It is the second adventure in the Doc Savage / Pat Wildman series.
The first edition in trade paperback was published back in 2013.

Meteor House: «The Signed Limited Edition trade paperback of The Scarlet Jaguar went out of print in just a few months. The print run for the Signed Limited Edition hardcover will be determined by the number of preorders and only a small number of copies beyond the preorders will be printed. The cut off date for preordering a copy is November 1st, and the book will be mailed in late November.»
Preorder it on this page at Meteor House.

A month later, in December 2015, will the third Opar / Khokarsa novel, The Song of Kwasin be published, in both hardcover and trade paperback. According to the publisher: «Meteor House’s new edition of The Song of Kwasin also features cover art and a frontispiece by Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton as well as rare and previously unpublished bonus materials.»
Go for your preorder to this page at Meteor House's website.

The hardcovers are limited editions and will be sold out very soon after publication.. If you want them preorder it now, don't wait. I already preordered my copies.
Nine FarmerCon Program Booklets
20 Sep 2015
Earlier this month I added the Program booklet of FarmerCon X in this bibliography. I then promised to add the other programs as well. That is what I have been doing these past days. All the programs of the past ten years can be seen on this page.
There is a program for every year, except for FarmerCon VI in 2011. The program of that year was included in the program of PulpFest. The two cons were held together in conjunction from that year on.

I also added the contents of these nine programs. The stories and essays are linked as you can see. Most of these were reprinted here, but there are some published for the first time.
The printrun of the programs is probably about 50 copies, except for the first two. They had a smaller printrun. People that attended the con got one copy for free. I did only attend FarmerCon 90 (III) in 2008. The other programs I got from Michael Croteau, the publisher (thanks Mike!).
Farmer's Gay Fiction
17 Sep 2015
While searching for something else on the internet I came across an online fanzine, eI46, of October 2009. It is published by Earl Kemp.
It contains many interesting essays, but of special interest for Farmer readers might be a review written by Jay A. Gertzman, "Michael Perkin's Evil Companions: A Porn Noir Classic". The novel Evil Companions was first published by Essex House in 1968, for which book Farmer wrote a Postscript.

Of even more interest is maybe another essay in this issue. It is "Worlds Well Lost: Male Homosexuality in Postwar Science Fiction", written by Rob Latham. In this lengthy essay Latham mentions Phil Farmer's name many times. Three of Farmer's novels with gay content, Image of the Beast, Blown and A Feast Unknown, are described in this essay. These three novels were first published by Essex House (1968-1969) also.

Latham's essay is an extract from the book The Golden Age of Gay Fiction. He ends his essay with: «Finally, considering his prominence in the history narrated here, I would like to dedicate this essay to Philip José Farmer, who died while this book was going to press. Thanks to his trailblazing efforts, SF is today a more exciting and open-minded genre.»
FarmerCon X Program
9 Sep 2015
Nearly every year since 2006 Michael Croteau (Meteor House) publishes a Program booklet for the FarmerCon of that year. Only in 2011 a program for FarmerCon VI is missing.
It contains the programming of the convention of course, but also some essays, news, and sometimes fiction.

The main items in this year's Program, for FarmerCon X, are the interview I recently had with Christopher Paul Carey, and Farmer's short story "The Freshman".

I added this Program publication in the Works About section, on page 1. The earlier Programs will be added as well, as soon as possible.
Back to Opar with the Exiles of Kho
7 Sep 2015
Christopher Paul Carey's novella Exiles of Kho was published before by Meteor House back in 2012 in a trade paperback. It was the first in Meteor House's series of signed limited edition novellas, and had a print run of 200 copies.
Now it is brought back in a signed limited hardcover edition of 100 copies. With a new cover illustration, by Mark Wheatley, and without the interior illustrations by Mike Hoffmann of the previous edition.

The story is set as a prelude before the first novel in the main series, Hadon of Ancient Opar.
From the cover text: «Hundreds of years before the hero Hadon sailed forth from his shining city of gold and jewels upon his legendary adventures, the heroine-priestess Lupoeth set out upon the decree of the oracle to discover a new land upon the untamed shores of ancient Africa’s southern sea
It is a great story!

You can order your copy from Meteor House. The book is available in hardcover for $25.

See the new page, Shared Worlds.
And if you haven't already, read the interview I had with Christopher Paul Carey about his new books.
More Adventures in Opar
6 Sep 2015
What a beauty! Another superb book from Meteor House, with a fantastic cover painting by Bob Eggleton.
But is the story as good as the package looks? I cannot tell you yet, because I just started reading it. But it starts gripping, from the first lines on you can feel the tenseness of the situation at hand. A war is coming. What I read so far I very much like!

This comes from a review by someone who read the novella, by Ron Fortier at the online Pulp Fiction Reviews: «Spinning a non-stop adventure tale, Carey’s pace never lets up and his easy, competent style allows readers to slip into this ancient, magnificent world he has so expertly brought back to life. Burroughs and Farmer would have been proud.»

That is again a great compliment for author Christopher Paul Carey. I'm not sure about Burroughs, but Farmer sure would approve of this new adventure in Opar very much. He would certainly smile and have a twinkle in the eyes.

If you do not have it already, do not wait, order your copy while you can from Meteor House! The book is available in hardcover ($25) and trade paperback ($15).

I made a new page, Shared Worlds, for the stories by other authors that share the worlds or background of one of Farmer's stories or series. It's a Work in Progress. I have to add a lot more stories.
Flight to Opar Restored
3 Sep 2015
Wow, nice, great, beautiful, impressive...! Words fail to describe my feelings about the new, restored edition of Flight to Opar. Finally in a very handsome hardcover since its first publication in 1976 by DAW Books. Yes, we had it in a hardcover with the omnibus Gods of Opar (Subterranean Press, 2012), but now one on its own.

Editor Christopher Paul Carey restored this edition with several pieces of text from two original manuscripts, which he had examined. More than 4000 words were restored in this new edition.

The book has an Introduction by S.M. Stirling: «Farmer, with his genius for world building, imagined a background in which the existence of Opar is early twentieth-century Africa actually made some sense.»
Carey describes in his Preface why he restored the missing text from previous editions: «Meteor House's Restored Edition is clearly closer to Philip José Farmer's original vision for the novel.»

And there is more bonus material in this edition, that also came as a trade paperback, see the book page for this.
The Restored Edition is completed with a great cover illustration by Bob Eggleton. This was by the way earlier used as the back of the wrap-around cover for Gods of Opar. It makes a very nice cover of Flight to Opar though.

Meteor House will publish the third novel, The Song of Kwasin, in a corresponding hardcover next year.
But (adressing Michael Croteau, publisher of Meteor House) we now also want it for the first installment in the series, Hadon of Ancient Opar! That one comes in 2017 Mike?
New Meteor House books received!
30 Aug 2015
Just received from publisher Meteor House the new books of:
  • Flight to Opar, the restored edition, in hardcover and trade paperback;
  • Hadon, King of Opar, a new novella by Carey, in hardcover and trade paperback;
  • Exiles of Kho, a hardcover edition of this novella by Carey.
All these books look great! Very nice!

Also included in the package were copies of the FarmerCon X program booklet. It contains the story "The Freshman" and the printed version of the interview I had with Christopher Paul Carey.
More about these books in the upcoming updates.
Opar on its way
25 Aug 2015
The publisher of Meteor House promised that the new editions would be sent late last week or early this week to the people that ordered them. So, we may expect soon our copies of:
  • Flight to Opar, the revised edition;
  • Hadon, King of Opar, a new novella by Carey;
  • Exiles of Kho, a hardcover edition of this novella by Carey.
These new books were signed by Christopher Paul Carey. The first reviews I read online were all very positive about the new novella, Hadon, King of Opar. Can't wait to read it!

Author Christopher Paul Carey signing the new books.
If you missed it, we had a great interview with Christopher about the new books.
Dark is the Sun in Moscow
24 Aug 2015
Publisher Polaris (Riga & Moscow) had 23 omnibuses with Philip José Farmer's work in the series Миры Филипа Фармера (Worlds of Philip Farmer). They were published in the years from 1996 till 1998.

In 2013 there came a book that feels and looks a lot like one of the above series, but it is not! The series name suggests as such: Миры Поляриса (Worlds of Polaris).

This book, Темное солнце, a translation of Dark is the Sun, has no publisher's name and no ISBN. Maybe it is an illegal publication...
We added this one on the book page.
Russian Gate of Time from Estonia
18 Aug 2015
Earlier this month we had a first time publication from Uzbekistan, this time is it Estonia that is a 'new' country in the bibliography.

Publisher Melor from Talinn, the capital city of Estonia, published in 1996 the Omnibus Волки севера. The omnibus has two novels, Дорога в никуда (The Gate of Time) by Philip José Farmer and Волки севера (The Sixth Winter) by Douglas Orgill & John Gribbin.
Also a story by A. Bertram Chandler, "Случайный пассажир" ("Lost Art"), which story is not mentioned in the Table of Contents.

The book is published years after Estonia became independent from the Soviet Union, but it is still in Cyrillic characters while Estonia officially uses the Roman (or Latin) alphabet.
Russian Gate of Time Anthology
16 Aug 2015
Russian publisher Argus presented in 1995 as number 3 in their series Chronos (Хронос) the anthology Врата времени. The anthology has two novels, Врата времени (The Gate of Time) by Philip José Farmer and Землянин, войди в свой дом (Earthman, Come Home) by James Blish.
Further there are 23 stories of which three are by Farmer: "Божественный промысел" ("The God Business"), "Плыви! Плыви!" ("Sail On! Sail On!"), and "Царь зверей" ("The King of the Beasts").
Book signing
15 Aug 2015
The book presentation and signing by Christopher Paul Carey, of the new Opar / Khokarsa books from Meteor House: Flight to Opar, Hadon, King of Opar and Exiles of Kho at FarmerCon X.

At left on the photo author and editor, Christopher Paul Carey. At right the publisher, Michael Croteau. In front the new books!
Pulpfest 2015 & FarmerCon X
12 Aug 2015

From Thursday, August 13 till Sunday, August 16 FarmerCon X takes place. It is held together with Pulpfest 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.

There will be a book presentation and signing of the new Opar / Khokarsa books from Meteor House: Flight to Opar, Hadon, King of Opar and Exiles of Kho. After the convention the pre-ordered books will be sent to me and everyone else that ordered them.

I wish all the Farmerphiles that are present at FarmerCon X a very good time. Enjoy and have fun!
And yet another omnibus
12 Aug 2015
The novel Night of Light is translated and published three times in Russian as Ночь света (Noch' sveta) in 1992, 1995, and in 1997. The newly discovered first Russian publication of 1991 is translated as Убить бога (Ubit' boga). This title translates back as Kill God.

Убить бога is published in the omnibus with the title Клуб любителей фантастики, T. 1. This title translates as something like Fantasy Fan Club 1.
It looks like this is the first volume of a Russian Fantasy Book Club.

Farmer's novel is accompanied by two novels from Andre Norton, Catseye (Всадник с Вордена) and Secret of the Lost Race (Сокровище таинственной расы).
Dare in Ukraine
10 Aug 2015
Philip José Farmer's novel Dare was published twice in Ukraine in the same year, 1993. It was both times translated as Дейр. Already known was the omnibus publication with this novel from Alterpress.

The second one, from publisher Zovnishtorgvidav Ukraini, was not known till now. This one is also included in an omnibus, with the title Дейр, together with the novel Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin.

Omnibus from Uzbekistan
7 Aug 2015
I found an omnibus from a 'new' country, Uzbekistan. That means, new to this bibliography.
This omnibus, Бизнес Бога (God Business) was published in 1994.

It includes one story, "The God Business", and three novels by Farmer: Пробуждение каменного Бога (The Stone God Awakens), Плоть (Flesh), and Ночь света (Night of Light).

Ukrainian World of Tiers omnibus
30 Jul 2015
The first four novels in the World of Tiers series are included in this omnibus, with the title Многоярусный мир. It was published in a print run of 5000 copies by publisher Podillya (Ukraine) in 1996.

The first four novels are: Создатель Вселенных (The Maker of Universes), Врата мироздания (The Gates of Creation), Личный космос (A Private Cosmos), and За стенами земли (Behind the Walls of Terra).
I added this newly found publication on the book pages.
Russian Freshman
28 Jul 2015
Farmer's Chtulhu Mythos story, "The Freshman" (1979) has seen another Russian translation.

It was published in the anthology Мифы Ктулху in 2011. This anthology is a translation of the US anthology Tales of the Cthulhu Myhos from 1989, which was edited by James Turner.
The original anthology has seen ten foreign translations, including this new Russian one.

Spanish translations from Acervo
4 Jul 2015
Spanish publisher Acervo published three books by Farmer in translation: Los Amantes (The Lovers) in 1975 and reprinted in 1982, Dare (Dare) in 1978 and Noche de Luz (Night of Light) in 1979.

In the past I received some information that these books were published in hardcover as well in trade paperback at the same time. It seemed that I didn't have all the information in the bibliography. Because of lack of time I never came to check this out. Also forgot it a bit.

But now Roger Crombie (UK) sent me an email about the 1982 reprint of the hardcover of Los Amantes.
So I took the time to check things out and found the proof of two other books for a total of the following three additions:
- Los Amantes, hardcover 2nd printing, 1982
- Dare, hardcover, 1978
- Noche de Luz, trade paperback, 1979.

Thank you Roger!
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Exiles of Kho
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Hadon, King of Opar
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Flight to Opar
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Rastignac the Devi
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Le Cœur Noir du Temps
(The Dark Heart of Time)
In 2014


Le bateau fabuleux
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The Evil in Pemberley House

The Maker of Universes, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Unreasoning Mask

Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows
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Le Monde du Fleuve
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The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (4): Voyages to Strange Days

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Les Dieux du fleuve
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Forthcoming Books

The Scarlet Jaguar, the second Pat Wildman adventure, written by Win Scott Eckert, will be published in hardcover in November 2015 by Meteor House.
The publication of the third Opar / Khokarsa novel, The Song of Kwasin, in December 2015, by Meteor House in hardcover and trade paperback.
Christopher Paul Carey will write Blood of Ancient Opar. This one will be published by Meteor House in the Summer of 2016.
Meteor House will publish The Monster on Hold, written by Farmer & Eckert, in 2017.