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The Space Wanderer
17 Dec 2014
This is one of the most funniest science fiction stories I have ever read, the two-part serial "Venus on the Half-Shell". I enjoyed this story very much.
Simon Wagstaff traveling through the universe on a quest to find the "Definitive Answer to the Ultimate Question". This story was written years before Douglas Adams wrote his The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that has the same theme.

art: Ron Walotsky

Farmer used the pseudonym Kilgore Trout with the publications of his story. A character from several novels by Kurt Vonnegut.
After publication of the novel Venus on the Half-Shell Vonnegut withdrew his permission for further novels written by Farmer under this pseudonym. Farmer wrote about this: «...for a brief though glorious period, I was Kilgore Trout."»

Mazey & Schell
Le Monde du Fleuve
14 Dec 2014
Two weeks ago I added a new printing of the French edition L'univers à l'envers , translation of Indside Outside. By the way, this one has seen more French editions than US ones.
I also discovered some other new printings of Farmer's books in France.

Three of his Riverworld novels have been reprinted again.
First novel is Le Monde du Fleuve (To Your Scattered Bodies Go) in June 2014.
Next Le Labyrinthe magique (The Magic Labyrinth), which was published in November 2012. This printing has a new cover illustration.

And finally Les Dieux du fleuve (Gods of Riverworld), in March 2014.
The three new printings are added to their book pages.

Trip to Uranus
12 Dec 2014
It took editor Byron Preiss three years to finish the special anthology The Planets. Many scientists were asked to write an essay about one of the nine planets in our Solar system, about the Moon and the Asteroids and Comets.

Each planetary essay is followed by one or two stories from science fiction authors. Philip José Farmer takes us with him to the seventh planet, Uranus, with his story "Uranus or UFO Versus IRS".

art: Richard Courtney

The spacecraft Herschel discovers some strange, artificial looking artifacts in one of the rings of Uranus and tries to take one of them in. The object explodes. Two Uranian creatures are living on Earth. They see what is happening. And think about how to act and react.

Then the story goes far over the top for me with the enormous wealth of the two Uranians, accumulated over a long period of years with their many companies on Earth. The IRS starts to battle them...

Uproar in Acheron, a western
8 Dec 2014
Farmer started his writing career not with science fiction stories. But he had no success in selling the mainstream stories he wrote. Only one was sold and got published in 1946, "O'Brien and Obrenov".

Farmer switched to writing science fiction stories, but his ideas were never limited to that genre alone. He had, during the 1940s, written two or three Western short stories, which were rejected, and one-fourth of a Western novel, according to Farmer in his introduction to the following story.
He came back to this Western genre with the story "Uproar in Acheron", that was published in 1961 in the UK version of The Saint Mystery Magazine. Seven months later it appeared in the US version of this magazine.

The story is about three con men trying to fool and rip-off the town's people of Acheron, by bringing back the dead.

An imaginary quest?
7 Dec 2014
Another story page restyled, the one of "Up the Bright River". Only seven more stories to go...

Philip José Farmer had started a 'sidestream' novel in the Riverworld series, also not part of the main story in the novels.
A brief outline and some notes of this sidestream novel, Riverworld Dawn, were found in Phil's archives. The outline was published in the last issue of the fanzine Farmerphile.

The novel was never written, but some of his ideas for this novel were used for the stories "Crossing the Dark River" (1992) and its sequel, "Up the Bright River" (1993). Nearly all of the characters in these stories are Phil's own ancestors.

Don Ivan Punchatz
Little French encyclopedia
2 Dec 2014
In June 1987 appeared in France the mass market pocket encyclopedia La science-fiction.
In nearly 300 pages every major science fiction author from the US and France, and many science fiction themes, were treated. A short biography of the author's life and writing career. The entries are accompanied with a bibliography of the publications in France.

Philip José Farmer is included with a biography, where he is called one of all time's greatest SF authors. Despite the fact that his work was not always understood and fully appreciated in France.

Thanks Fred Fischer (US) for this find.

The universe in reverse
30 Nov 2014
Farmer's books are still being reprinted in France. I discoverd reprints of some of his books. Of one of these we have more details now, the others will follow when I receive the ordered books from France.

Alain Brion

First also is this reprint of L'univers à l'envers (Inside Outside). It was published by Le Livre de Poche in June 2005 (cover at right), and reprinted in May 2014 (see above). It has a new cover illustration by Alain Brion.

Jackie Paternoster
The Bottomless Pit in ten parts
25 Nov 2014
I halted the restyling of the last few story pages, because I discovered that I had to finalize indexing the fanzine Farmerphile before I went on with the story page of "Up from the Bottomless Pit".
The indexing has been done, so on with the restyling of the last nine story pages. One was just finished.

Keith Howell

The first ten issues of Farmerphile all published a part of the novel Up From the Bottomless Pit. Each issue had a part, consisting of two or three chapters, of the novel.
All parts were introduced by editor Paul Spiteri, and illustrated by Keith Howell.

The ten parts were published in novel form in the collection Up from the Bottomless Pit.

Keith Howell
More on Tuesday
23 Nov 2014
Till now I did not know of any Romanian translation of one of Farmer's stories. The yearly published literary science fiction and popular science magazine Almanah Anticipaţia of the year 1984 published however a translation of his short story "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World" (as "Marti oamenii sunt sparti, miercuri oamenii sunt cercuri").

The story is accompanied with a biography by David Pringle, which appeared some years before in The Science Fiction  Encyclopedia.

Thanks Ralf Lux (Potsdam, Germany) for this new information! Ralf is the webmaster of the Clifford D. Simak - International Bibliography.

Alexandru Andries
Farmerphile indexed
19 Nov 2014
I finally finished the long overdue project of indexing the last five issues of the fanzine Farmerphile. At the time of publication, in 2008 and 2009, I didn't come to it. It would be done at some later time. But that it would take so many years to do the job properly I had no idea.

Keith Howell

So the last few weeks I read these five issues again to give a brief description of the included items. It was no punishment to read the pieces again, on the contrary. I still miss the fanzine. Publisher Mike Croteau did a great job with Farmerphile.

Between reading and indexing the fanzine I made a new logo for the website. I thought it was time for something new.

Joey Van Massenhoven
Twinkling Eyes
29 Oct 2014
Philip José Farmer's short story "They Twinkled Like Jewels" has been published again. This time in a 764 pages thick anthology, Fantastic Stories Presents: Science Fiction Super Pack #1.

The book is from the same publisher, Positronic Publishing, that published this story by Farmer solo in a chapbook in 2013 (see book page).
The anthology looks a print-on-demand book.

Dan Getz (USA) alerted me to this anthology, and he sent me an internet link with information about it. Strange thing is that the linked webpage showed a different cover –as you can see at right–, has a different ISBN (9781627550918), and a different publication date, (June 2013) than the one I could order at Amazon.
I could find no proof however that the earlier version has actually been published. Maybe it was only an early announcement.

Sci-Fi Chronicles
17 Oct 2014
Guy Haley edited the recently published reference work Sci-Fi Chronicles (subtitled: A Visual History of the Galaxy's Greatest Science Fiction).
According to the cover text of the UK edition: «From Frankenstein to Avatar, this comprehensive guide to science fiction combines expert commentary, stunning archive imagery, and colour-coded infographic timelines to explore the complex real-world (and in-world) development of over two hundred essential sci-fi characters, creators, series and mythologies.»

The UK hardcover

The book promises a lot, and to be honest it shows a lot in the 576 pages. But while the era 1950-1970 mentions the authors Philip K. Dick, Alfred Bester, James Blish, Jack Arnold, Brian Aldiss, Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison, and several others, not a word about Philip José Farmer.

But wait, there is a page with a very incomplete timeline about the Riverworld series. Accompanied with some words about Farmer and his first sf story, about Riverworld, and about the World of Tiers series. To call this "expert commentary" is too much credit for the Riverworld entry, written by Damien G. Walter.
None of the so called side-stream Riverworld stories by Farmer, other than "Riverworld", or written by other authors are mentioned.

Farmer's novel The Other Log of Phileas Fogg is included in the timeline of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
But Farmer's Tarzan additions are not mentioned in the Tarzan chronicle. Nor is any of Farmer's Wold Newton Family stories included anywhere.

It is a nice book with many (small) pictures, but it cannot be complete. Which is confirmed by the editor in his introduction to the book: «We cannot possibly cover it all. ... Any omissions are necessarily somewhat subjective, but sadly unavoidable.»
Phil is in the book, barely...

Thanks Fred Fischer (USA) for bringing this publication to my attention!

The US paperback
An Unknown Feast
13 Oct 2014
Ten years ago the small publisher Ramble House had two books by Philip José Farmer. New editions of The Green Odyssey and of Love Song, both in 2004.
It looks like that you still can order copies of these editions from Ramble House, see here and here.

It seems that Ramble House also had plans to publish an edition of A Feast Unknown. The cover was made, but the book was never published.

The cover illustration –a bit too amateurish for my taste– was drawn by Gavin L. O'Keefe and it is shown on the website.

People can think that this book was actually published. Because it's not, I have information about it included on the page 'Ghost Editions'.
I was aware of this cover for years, but it took an email from Dan Getz (USA) to remind me of it.
Thanks Dan!

Gavin L. O'Keefe
The King and the Riders
7 Oct 2014
This time Farmer collector Lee Barrie (USA) checked some of his books with the information in the bibliography and discovered a few omissions.

The story "The King of the Beasts" was published in the anthology Science Fact/Fiction in 1974. The book had a second printing in 1976. Of both printings also exist a slightly different version. The books were printed in the USA with a USA copyright. But the other versions have beside the USA copyright also a Philippines copyright. I have no idea why this was done.

Lee Barrie found three more printings of the anthology
The Hugo Winners, Volume One and Two. This anthology was published as a Book Club Edition by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. and contains Farmer's story "Riders of the Purple Wage".
Lee added the books with date codes N40, P16 and Q22.

He also checked his copies of the Book Club Edition of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, and found one with no date code, and book number 02676.
Many thanks Lee for the additions!

Jack Youngerman
Scattered Bodies
29 Sep 2014
I still don't have a copy of the first Israeli edition, published in 1981, of To Your Scattered Bodies Go. The Israeli websites with their Hebrew characters are very frustrating for me to understand, to try to order one or more books. Even if I use the translation of the webpage in the browser.

But Fred Fischer (Houston, USA) was able to buy a copy on Ebay. He sent me the scan of the cover, that was still missing in the bibliography. He needs some time to decipher the publication dates of the book.

Fred also added information on the 1986 Book Club Edition of this title, which does have a date code: Q05. And I discovered another printing of the same Book Club Edition, the one published in January 1981, with date code L03.

And finally, Fred has sent me a link to the website Conceptual Fiction, which has an essay by Ted Gioia about To Your Scattered Bodies Go. Interesting reading!

Baycon, the 26th World SF Convention
29 Sep 2014
Philip José Farmer was the Guest of Honor at Baycon, the 26th World Science Fiction Convention, in August 1968.
Because of this a short anonymous biography about Phil appeared in Baycon Progress Report #2. Last year a copy of this progress report was bought by Mich West (Australia), who sent me scans of the cover and the biography. I had forgotten to include this information in the Bibliography, till now.

In the Baycon Program Book are two articles about Phil, a profile by Theodore Sturgeon and a profile by Poul Anderson. I found these profiles very moving, especially the one by Sturgeon.
The Baycon Program Book was found and then donated to me by Fred Fischer (Houston, USA). I received the chapbook last week.

Being the Guest of Honor, Farmer made a speech at the Baycon banquet, called "Reap". The speech was also published, but not by Baycon.

Many thanks to Mich West for the scans and to Fred Fischer for the program book!

Colin Cameron

Jack Gaughan
More Canadians
18 Sep 2014
I am a lucky man to have some other people looking and searching for items, that are missing from my Farmer collection. Several times I do not even know these items exist.

Like the book that William Taylor (Canada) found this time. A Canadian edition of Dark is the Sun. The first paperback edition by Ballantine Books/Del Rey was at the same time published in Canada. Both editions have the same data, but for the price and the printing statement.
Taylor: "I never thought to check for a CDN before. Of course, that was because the grand Vizier of Farmerdom hadn't listed one!!!!"

Guilty as charged! But I have corrected this...
Double thanks Bill!

Darrell K. Sweet
Nobody's Perfect (not even me)
11 Sep 2014
Some time ago Fred Fischer (Houston, USA) found two different states of the Science Fiction Book Club edition of The Ultimate Dracula than the one I have and had mentioned in the bibliography.
This collection contains Farmer's gothic horror story "Nobody's Perfect".

The difference between the three different states of the hardcover consists of the statement in two of them to be 'A Dell Trade Paperback' — like the original Dell publication — and two give an ISBN, the same as the one of the original Dell publication.
Fred must be a geek as I am about details of different printings. How else could he have found these books?
But then again, nobody's perfect... :-)

Both editions have been added on the story page.
Great find Fred, thanks!

Bruce Jensen
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