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Midwestern Literature
6 Feb 2016
The Dictionary of Midwestern Literature (Volume One: The Authors) surveys the lives and writings of nearly 400 Midwestern authors and identifies some of the most important criticism of their writings.

One of the 400 authors is Philip José Farmer. The entry is written by David R. Pichaske, professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University.

Most of Farme'r important works are mentioned. About The Lovers Pichaske writes: «In a large sense The Lovers is a critique of Puritan Peoria and the whole prairie-Puritan Middle West from the viewpoint of Farmer's college crowd of proto-Beatniks.»

Another Encyclopedia
1 Feb 2016
Thirty years ago, in 1986, the French publisher Presses Pocket published the Encyclopedie de poche de la science fiction (Guide de lecture), written by Claude Aziza & Jacques Goimard.

It is not an encyclopedia in the traditional way, with an entry describing the author's life and work.
Here we have 82 entries with an analysis of an author's work. Philip José Farmer is the only author, next to Robert A. Heinlein, that has four entries about his writings.

There are analyzes of the stories in the French collection Le livre d'or de la science fiction, of the two series World of Tiers (La saga des hommes-dieux) and Riverworld (Le fleuve de l'éternité), and finally of the novel The Green Odyssey (L'odysée verth).
Each analysis is followed by a list with Further Reading, with work by other authors, like for instance Dick, Vonnegut, Burroughs, Wells, Vance and Anderson, among many others.
The 98th Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2016

January 26, 1918
(February 25, 2009)
More about The Image of the Beast
21 Jan 2016
This is the third time in a week that Philip José Farmer's The Image of the Beast is mentioned in an entry.

Checking the publications of this novel at ISFDB I saw one printing that was missing in this PJF bibliography.
Playboy Press had three printings of the book in 1979 and 1980, with the cover art by Enric as you can see at left.
The fourth printing, as stated in the book, came from Berkley Books in 1982 with exactly the same cover, now with the Berkley logo.

But Playboy Paperbacks had its own fourth printing in 1981 as I discovered at ISFDB. This one we missed. Till now. I added the information on the book page, and corrected the info with the Berkley Books printing.
Swelling of the nipples
19 Jan 2016
For many years I thought the interview with Philip José Farmer, conducted by Paul Walker and published in the fanzine Luna Monthly #54 of September 1974, was Phil's first given interview.

I was wrong. That interview was beaten by four years. The Frenchman Jacques Sadoul spoke with Phil Farmer, and the interview was published in the magazine Le nouveau Planète #18 of September 1970.
I discovered this magazine and the published interview only recently.

At the time of the interview Farmer had just published the two erotic horror books The Image of the Beast and Blown.
One of Sadoul's questions was: «What do you think of the charge that you write pornography?»
Farmer's answer: «Look, I'm a healthy man who talks about healthy things. If sexuality has nothing to do with the theme of a story I would not add it on purpose, because then it would be really pornography. However, if the erection of a man or swelling of the nipples of a woman brings something essential to a story or description of the characters, I'll write about it.»
Positive Post and Negative White
15 Jan 2016
I finally found a copy of the fanzine Science Fiction Times #464, of March 1969. It contains under the umbrella of "A Look At Sex in SF" two essays about Philip José Farmer's The Image of the Beast.

The first essay (or review) is by J.B. Post. It is a reasonable positive piece about the novel: «...The story line is in some ways intriguing...», but he certainly hopes for more volumes in the series.

On the other hand the second essay, by Ted White, is a rather negative piece: «...Basically, The Image of the Beast is a crude smorging-together of three or four old pulp-genre forms. It is first of all a private detective story ... Secondly, the book is a sado-masochistic horror story, in the vein of those "spicy" pulps of the late thirties ... Thirdly, the book is nominally science fiction, on several counts ... Finally, the book is a work of hardcore pornography.»
White even goes so far as accusing Farmer of "bad extrapolation" when he wrote in the book: "I don't have any rubbers." According to White: «I expect contraception will be even further advanced, probably with a pill for men.» The story takes place in the not too distant future. We still have 'rubbers', more than forty-five years after the book was written.
White concludes that the novel is "Pulp trash".
Publication statistics
10 Jan 2016
The number of Farmer's book publications is the same in 2015 as it was the year before. Six books were published. And also four Farmer related books, written by Christopher Paul Carey (3) and Win Scott Eckert (1).
Nearly all the book publications came from Meteor House.

year books story publications countries
2015 6 (+ 4*) 0 2 / 0
2014 6 (+ 1*) 2 3 / 2
2013 13 (+ 1*) 1 4 / 1
2012 16 (+ 1*) 2 5 / 2
2011 12 21 2 / 1
2010 11 3 2 / 1
2009 10 3 4 / 3
2008 19 14 7 / 2
2007 17 23 8 / 2
2006 18 71 5 / 2
2005 7 8 4 / 4
*) PJF related, but written by others.

None of Farmer's stories were reprinted in 2015.
Last year I discovered two story publications in 2014 (one in China). That might happen again for 2015, but for now zero story publications.
Dayworld second Berkley printing
10 Jan 2016
William Taylor (Canada) again found a yet unknown printing. This time the second printing in 1987 by Berkley Books of Dayworld, the first novel in the Dayworld series.
The second printing is nearly the same as the first, same price and ISBN, but does not have the embossed lettering and picture on the cover.

Willem Hettinga (Netherlands) discovered the cover artist, Vicente Segrelles, of the Dutch book Rivierplaneet, translation of To Your Scattered Bodies Go.
Christmas presents
25 Dec 2015
A day before X-mas, just in time, I received a parcel with three books from Meteor House. All three are signed, one by the author Win Scott Eckert, the other two by its coauthor Christopher Paul Carey.

The books are:
  • The Scarlet Jaguar, a limited hardcover edition of 100 signed copies, by Win Scott Eckert;
  • The Song of Kwasin, a limited hardcover edition of 125 signed copies, by Philip José Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey;
  • The Song of Kwasin, the trade paperback edition, by Philip José Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey.
If you want any of these three, maybe there still are a few to be obtained from the publisher Meteor House. Most of the hardcovers were preordered, but you could try to get one or more.
Letter in Doc Savage Quarterly
24 Dec 2015
Sometimes I discover something new that I did not yet have in my collection, but after receiving the item it disappoints me. That is the case with the fanzine Doc Savage Quarterly #7 of October 1981.

A letter by Philip José Farmer
was published in the fanzine. I had no idea what it was about. The letter is only two lines, and said: «Dear Bill, The address you used was 4 years out of date ((out of this book)). Sorry, I don't have a review of LORD OF THE TREES/MAD GOBLIN. Best, Philip Jose Farmer, Peoria, IL»
The only reason I can think of to publish this letter is to have Phil's name in the fanzine.
Shared Worlds
13 Dec 2015
Philip José Farmer wrote stories in other writer's worlds, to fill in the gaps Farmer thought they had left in their stories, or just to add something completely new to those worlds. There are many examples, like the Tarzan novel The Dark Heart of Time, the Doc Savage novel Escape from Loki, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, and The Wind Whales of Ishmael.

Following Farmer's footsteps there are several authors who wrote stories to fill in 'the gaps' in Phil Farmer's writing. As if my life as a bibliographer isn't already difficult enough, to keep track of every PJF publication...
Most of these stories were published in the four volumes of the anthology series The Worlds of Philip José Farmer, in a section of the book called Expanded Worlds. And in other books published by Meteor House.
For these expansions, which cannot be placed anywhere else in the PJF Bibliography, I made the page Shared Worlds. I'm not completely finished with this page yet, but most of the Expanded or Shared Worlds stories are included on that page.
Venus on the Half-Shell
7 Dec 2015
A two pages extract, "Венера на раковине", of Kilgore Trout's novel Venus on the Half Shell was published in Russia. The magazine Мир Чудес (means World of Wonders) published it in 1991, together with a biography of Kilgore Trout (Килгор Траут in Russian). I have no idea if the biography is a (partial) translation of "The Obscure Life and Hard Times of Kilgore Trout".
I put the extract on the short fiction page.
The World of Tiers SF Book Club Editions
30 Nov 2015
William Taylor (Canada) sent me an email with the information of three more SFBC editions of The World of Tiers series he had found proof of. Two weeks after the first edition, with date (or gutter) code L44 (November 1981), came a reprint with the date code L46.


He also found proof of reprints with the date codes P025 and Q035.
Checking ISFDB if these reprints are known in their database —they are not!— I saw a reprint with the date code M10 which I had not yet mentioned in my PJF bibliography.
So there is a total of eight new publications for both omnibuses, and twenty for the five novels included in these omnibuses.

Thank you Bill for the new information!
Publisher Meteor House, Michael Croteau, interviewed
22 Nov 2015
Michael Croteau started his PJF career in 1996 as the webmaster of The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page.
In 2005 he began publishing the quarterly fanzine Farmerphile. Fifteen issues of these were published till 2009.

A year later, in 2010, he started as publisher of Meteor House. The fanzine was replaced with the first book publication he edited, The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions. Of this series are now four volumes, and we eagerly await the fifth.

In 2012 Michael expanded Meteor House's publications with completely new works by other authors. First of these is Exiles of Kho, by Christopher Paul Carey, and the total till now is nine Farmer or Farmer related works. Some of his plans are known, but what about the rest?
Time for some questions for the publisher about his future plans with Meteor House.

Q: Hi Michael, you've surprised many of us with a range of beautifully published books. It started with The Worlds of Philip José Farmer series of books, now four volumes.
We know some of the plans for the near future, like The Song of Kwasin, and The Scarlet Jaguar this year, with The Monster on Hold and Blood of Ancient Opar next year.
Can you tell us something about your plans in general for the future with Meteor House?

Mike: Thank you Rias. Reprinting Phil’s works and bringing out new ones set in his worlds is a labor of love for all of us involved.
As for the future, more novellas for sure! We haven’t made announcements yet but we plan on publishing two more novellas in 2016 other than Blood of Ancient Opar.
We also have someone completing another novel that Philip José Farmer started but never finished. That could come out in 2016 as well. I will say that The Monster on Hold will come out in 2017, not 2016, with at least one more novella that year.

Q: Will your publishing plans mainly be centered around Philip José Farmer and his ideas?

Mike: Yes. We do want to continue to branch out, as we did this year with Airship Hunters, but our main focus will be Philip José Farmer related books for the foreseeable future.

Q: Do we get to see any more volumes in The Worlds of Philip José Farmer series?

Mike: Yes, a fifth volume is in the works, most likely to be published in 2017.

Q: In 2014 you announced The Foundation of Kôr trilogy, to be written by Christopher Paul Carey. When will the three volumes, Gates of Kôr, Scourge of Kôr and Fires of Kôr be published?

Mike: We don’t have a firm timeline yet, they’re likely to be published over the next couple of years, depending on Chris’s other commitments.

Q: Have you seen the want lists on this site by some of the fans?
What are your ideas about this for Meteor House? Might we ever see the publication of As You Desire? And of Cougar by the Tail?

Mike: I have been following the want lists with great interest. All of the books published by Titan Books will be tied up for a while, so we can’t reprint those anytime soon. As for the rest, a lot of those wants certainly coincide with ours, especially The Dark Heart of Time and Escape From Loki. Whether or not we’ll be able to reprint them, remains to be seen.

Thank you for you time Mike! And also many thanks for the many beautiful and great books from Meteor House.
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New Publications
In 2015

The song of Kwasin
hardcover & trade paperback

The Scarlet Jaguar
by Win Scott Eckert

Exiles of Kho
by Christopher Carey

Hadon, King of Opar
by Christopher Carey

Flight to Opar
(Hardcover & Trade paperback)


Rastignac the Devi

Le Cœur Noir du Temps
(The Dark Heart of Time)
In 2014


Le bateau fabuleux
(The Fabulous Riverboat)

The Evil in Pemberley House

The Maker of Universes, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Unreasoning Mask

Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows
by Josh Reynolds

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Forthcoming Books

Christopher Paul Carey will write Blood of Ancient Opar. This one will be published by Meteor House in the Summer of 2016.

Meteor House will publish The Monster on Hold, written by Farmer & Eckert, in 2017.

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer, Volume 5 will be published in 2017.

Christopher Paul Carey will write a trilogy about Kôr, son of Hadon of Opar. To be published in 2017-2018 by Meteor House.