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D'Ammassa, Don - "Farmer, Philip José"
Entry about Farmer's writing career and works over the years: "His earlier novels are just as fresh and entertaining today as they were when they first appeared, and a surprisingly small proportion of his output has failed to age well. It would not be surprising if his work was valued even higher in the future than it has been in the past." There are also entries on the "Riverworld series" ("...The setting is one of the most unusual in the field's history...") and the story "Riders of the Purple Wage" ("...The satire, which sometimes approaches absurdity, masks a serious look at choices that may face us at some point in the future...") and finally, at the end of the book, a bibliography of his science fiction works.
  • Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, by Don D'Ammassa
    Facts On File, ISBN 0-8160-5924-1, hardcover, 06/2005


D'Ammassa, Don - "Sail On! Sail On!"
Farmer is only mentioned briefly in relation to other author's work in this encyclopedia, but his story "Sail On! Sail On!" has its own entry: "Sometimes a fantasy writer takes a very absurd premise, treats it seriously, and the result is a story that sticks firmly in the reader's memory simply because it is so audacious..."
  • Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Horror Fiction, by Don D'Ammassa
    Facts On File, ISBN 0-8160-6192-0, hardcover, 03/2006
    Checkmark Books, ISBN 0-8160-6924-7, large paperback, 03/2006

Will Crocker

de Turris, Gianfranco & Fusco, Sebastiano - "Introduzione"
An introduction to the Italian edition of Strange Relations. This is based on Alfred Bester's article in the March 1961 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, in which he composes an All Star SF Author.
  • (Italian)
    Relazioni Aliene
    Fanucci (Futuro 3), no ISBN, trade paperback, 11/1973

Massimo Jacoponi

del Rey, Lester - "Of Time and the River"

On the occasion of the publication of the long awaited The Dark Design Lester del Rey introduces the Riverworld series and writes about its troublesome publication history. He also reviews this book, the third in the series, and concludes: "...this Riverworld is a really grand creation - one of the greatest inventions of science fiction. And The Dark Design adds a great deal to it. It's a book no reader should miss." In this same article Del Rey reviews PJF's The Maker of Universes and The Gates of Creation.
  • Analog, December 1977
  • (Italian: "Philip J. Farmer - Il Grande Disegno")
    Cosmo Informatore No. 1, July 1978

    [Information bulletin of the publisher Nord. Also includes Farmer's foreword to the novel.]
  • (Italian: "Presentazione")
    Il Grande Disegno
    Nord (Cosmo 77/78), ISBN 88-429-0086-9, hardcover, 07/1978
    [Translation of The Dark Design.]

Rick Sternbach


Desimon, Michel - "Postface"

An afterword to the novel The Lovers.
  • (French)
    Les amants étrangers - L'univers à l'envers (omnibus)
    Opta/Club du Livre d'Anticipation, no ISBN, hardcover [no dustjacket], 03/1968 
  • ("Afterword")
    Riverside Quarterly, Vol.4 #1, August 1969
    [Critical journal. Preceded by "Philip José Farmer's "The Lovers"" by Leland Sapiro.]


Di Filippo, Paul - "Introduction"
A very enthusiastic piece about Carey's co-writing with Farmer on this novel: «The story of how Carey found the aborted manuscript of the third Khokarsa novel, along with supporting notes, then consulted at length with Farmer to produce the capstone to the trilogy, is certainly one of the standout anecdotes of recent fannish memory.»

Bob Eggleton

Doering, Bruce - "A Different Kind of Checklist"

A bibliography of PJF's stories and articles in anthologies, magazines and fanzines.
  • Collecting Paperbacks? Vol.2 #2, May 1980


Drake, J.D. - "Philip José Farmer: 1918-1953"

A brief and very compact biography about the life of PJF and his early years in the career as an author.


Dudley, Joseph M. - "Transformational SF Religions: Philip Jose Farmer's Night of Light and Robert Silverberg's Downward to the Earth"

Critical essay about the religious themes, "...about how humankind searches for divine elements, both within itself and in the whole of the physical universe...", in Farmer's Night of Light and Silverberg's Downward to the Earth: "...the protagonists must personally interact with their surroundings in such a way that both character and environment are ultimately transformed."
  • Extrapolation Vol.35 #4, Winter 1994
    [Academic journal.]


Duffy, Jo - "Bookview"

In his column Jo Duffy reviews/discusses The Magic Labyrinth and the other books in the Riverworld series.
  • Epic #8, October 1981

Howard Chaykin

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