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Swords of Mars
19 Jan 2018
I found another Russian publication of Farmer's story "The God Business".
It was published in September 1991 in the anthology Мечи Марса (Mechi Marsa; translated as Swords of Mars) by publisher Алиса (Alice).

The anthology contains, next to Farmer's story, also three stories by Leigh Brackett ("The Dancing Girl of Ganymede", "Enchantress of Venus", and "The Beast-Jewel of Mars") and one by Robert E. Howard ("A Witch Shall Be Born").

Only two of Brackett's stories
have a relation to Mars. Farmer's story hasn't.
The Bronze Gazette 80
7 Jan 2018
In the last week of December I received Issue 80, Winter 2017, of the fanzine about Doc Savage, The Bronze Gazette.
According to the website this is the issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Philip José Farmer.

It contains the following about or from Philip José Farmer:

- "Philip José Farmer: An Anaglyphic Look", by Chuck Welch;

- "Writing Doc's Biography", by PJF;

- "The Kindly Author and his Avid Fan",  by Chuck Welch;

- "Readers of the Bronze Page", by PJF;

- "Afterword to Doc Savage Omnibus #13", by PJF.

This issue is very beautifully designed by Kez Wilson, and lavishly illustrated with black & white and many color illustrations and covers.
Kez Wilson also designed two color covers for Farmer's proposed Doc Savage novels The Crimson Jaguar and Dark Satanic Mills.

You can order Issue 80 at the website of The Bronze Gazette.
Advanced Readings in D&D: Philip José Farmer
26 Dec 2017
I had missed it completely the past four years, but on November 25, 2013, Mordicai Knode wrote a post at with the bove title.

«In “Advanced Readings in D&D,” writers Tim Callahan and Mordicai Knode take a look at Gary Gygax’s favorite authors and reread one per week, in an effort to explore the origins of Dungeons & Dragons and see which of these sometimes-famous, sometimes-obscure authors are worth rereading today. Sometimes the posts will be conversations, while other times they will be solo reflections, but one thing is guaranteed: Appendix N will be written about, along with dungeons, and maybe dragons, and probably wizards, and sometimes robots, and, if you’re up for it, even more.

This week it’s Philip José Farmer and his World of Tiers, an epic that bridges high fantasy, the pulps and whimsical science-fiction.»

It is quite interesting, the essay leads to the conclusion that The Maker of Universes "is a DM's novel".
The Bronze Gazette 80
26 Dec 2017
Issue 80, Winter 2017, of the fanzine about Doc Savage, The Bronze Gazette, was published this month. I did not yet receive my copy of it, but under follows the announcement.
This issue has a great cover!

The website: «This was our issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Philip José Farmer. Included are reprinted Farmer-penned articles on Doc Savage and Escape from Loki, plus new work from Chuck Welch and Jeff Deischer. Everything, new and old, beautifully designed by Kez Wilson.»

You can order Issue 80 at the website of The Bronze Gazette. Do not wait too long with your order as older issues soon are sold out.
Argentinian novel Carne
26 Nov 2017
Again a discovery by Fred Fischer (USA). He saw it online, with the South American site Mercado Libre (something like eBay), the Argentian publication of Carne (Flesh). The book is for sale for $80 (Argentinian peso). That is less than US$5.

There is not much of information with the book. I have no idea when it was published. Mercado Libre only gives the format and the page count. I haven't been able to find more information online of this publication. My guess is that it is a copy of the Spanish edition with a new cover, something that happened in more cases with the Argentinian editions. In that case it will have been published in 1975 or later.

I also found a bad picture of another edition of the same novel on Mercado Libre. But no information whatsoever. So I have no idea if this is the first or second edition, or even if it really exists.

There is no information to be found online on any of these two books. They are not included in the Spanish Bibliography, Tercera Fundación.

If anyone knows more about these two, please let me know.
Thanks again Fred for the discovery!

Russian omnibus 'Ancient Africa'
29 Oct 2017
Russian publisher Северо-Запад (Severo-Zapad) in St. Petersburg released in May 2017 the omnibus Древняя Африка (Drevnyaya Afrika). Translated: Ancient Africa.

It contains the first two books in the Opar/Khokarsa series, Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar, the novel Ironcastle, and finally the three novellas in the Greatheart Silver series. These three were published in the US in novel form as Greatheart Silver.

According to Fantlab, a Russian online bibliography, this book had a print run of only 30 copies. I have no idea why this is, because normally the print run of Russian books is between 10,000 and 100,000 copies.
I haven't been able to buy a copy. A book shop in Ukraine had a copy but they could not help me. There is no way to pay them in Ukraine.
A load of new ebooks
21 Oct 2017
Open Road Integrated Media published in August 2017 seven ebooks with work by Philip José Farmer. Three novels, three ominibuses and a story collection.

The three novels are in the Dayworld series:
- Dayworld,
- Dayworld Rebel, and
- Dayworld Breakup.

The three omnibuses:
- The World of Tiers, Volume One (with three novels),
- The World of Tiers, Volume Two (with four novels), and
- The Lovers | Dark is the Sun | Riders of the Purple Wage.
This last one is with two novels and one novella.

One story collection:
- Riverworld and other stories.
This collection includes two extra stories and an essay by Farmer.

Till now I have the ebooks on a seperate page with Audio Books & eBooks. This changes with these new publications. They are included on the book page of a title. The older and earlier ebooks will be included on the book pages as well, in due time.
The Bronze Gazette
10 Sep 2017
There are 5 issues of The Bronze Gazette, a Doc Savage fanzine, that contain essays about Phil Farmer's work or letters by him.
These issues are #13, #17, #24, #30 and #33. For a long time I have been looking for these issues of my wantlist. But never found any for sale.
A Doc Savage fan in the US promised me to search for them, but I never heard from him again regarding these issues.

Then recently I came in contact with the new publisher and editor of The Bronze Gazette, Terry Allen. He helped me with the only back issue he had from my list, issue 24. It contains the essay "Loki in the Sunlight" by Christopher Paul Carey.

Terry Allen also had some news about the next issue of The Bronze Gazette, issue #80. It will be an All Philip José Farmer issue, and should be ready in November.
Win Scott Eckert is writing a couple articles for this issue.
Number 80 can be ordered at the website, The Bronze Gazette, when it is released.
Books from Poland
3 Sep 2017
For many years I have two pictures of Polish covers from a book by Philip José Farmer with the translated title Rytuał. But that was all I had, no further information. Online I couldn't find the information I needed to include these books in the bibliography.
My guess was that it might be a translation of the first title in the Exorcism series, The Image of the Beast, which is also sub-titled 'Ritual 1' in the series. But I had no proof of that.

Till recently my good friend Willem Hettinga found a little more information on the internet, on the Polish 'Encyklopedia Fantastyki'. This proofs that Rytuał. is a translation of The Image of the Beast. But it still does not give a lot more information.
I searched the internet and found that the publisher Klubówka was a science fiction club, that privately and illegally published translations of many science fiction books in the 1980s, when Poland was still a communist country.
Klubówka released about 100 copies of each title, photocopied or offset printed. And often they used more than one cover for the book. Many of these illegal publications were legally published in the post-communist period, but not Farmer's book. Too hot to handle it seems.

On my search I also found the information of a reprint of the Polish book Kochankowie (The Lovers). A year after the first publication in 2000 publisher Amber released a second printing, with a different cover.
FarmerCon XII program
24 Aug 2017
With the under mentioned two titles I also received a copy of the latest program pamphlet, of FarmerCon XII. I has only a few items on the just 14 unnumbered pages.

A tribute by Phil Farmer to Robert Bloch. Published to celebrate his hundredth anniversary birthday. Bloch and Farmer were very good friends.
An interview with Heidi Ruby MIller about her novella Man of War.

And a piece by Paul Spiteri about some ideas and plans for the next FarmerCon to celebrate Philip José Farmer's one hundredth birthday in 2018. I hope to be able to attend FarmerCon XIII, or FarmerCon 100.
A new Two Hawks novella
24 Aug 2017
Heidi Ruby Miller wrote a sequel to Farmer's Two Hawks from Earth, the novella Man of War. First she wrote the story "Dakota's Gate" (2012), and now we have this novella by her, published by our well known Meteor House.
By the way, the story "Dakota's Gate" is included in the book as a prologue. The cover art is done by Mark Wheatley, and Christopher Paul Carey wrote the introduction.

The book was released at FarmerCon XII in July and was signed by the author as planned, but also by the cover artist, who happened to be at the convention.

cover: Mark Wheatley

I did not read much or nothing at all during the last two years, since my wife (girlfriend) left me after nearly 25 years for another man. I could not find the patience, the time or the focus to read a book. Started it, read ten pages, and had to start again, because I didn't know anymore what I had read. It did not work for me to read.

Two weeks ago I had a short vacation in France. I had some books with me, and started reading, and reading, and couldn't stop. That must also have been thanks to the marvelous Blood of Ancient Opar by Christopher Paul Carey, and the more than fantastic Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday, written by Farmer and Danny Adams.
I loved both their books!

I just started reading Miller's Man of War, and must say it starts very promising. Can't wait to read it all.
Great collection!
23 Aug 2017
The new anthology from Meteor House, The Best of Farmerphile edited by Michael Croteau, is added in the bibliography. As predicted it took me some days to add the book and all the nearly 60 items on these pages. For that, thanks Michael!

For now I only added the books, hardcover and trade paperback, to my already huge Farmer collection.
I do not have to read the book, because I've read all the essays and stories in the fifteen issues of Farmerphile when they were published. But while browsing through the book there were several items, essays and stories, I wanted to read again. There is a lot of very interesting stuff in the book! If I had to pick one highlight it would be "The Roller coaster Ride with Phil Farmer" by Bette Farmer, his wife. For instance with a lovely anecdote about Harlan Ellison.
But there is a lot more to read and enjoy.
For this, thanks Michael (this time for real)!
You can order the book from Meteor House, if you haven't already.
Meteor House books received
15 Aug 2017
Meteor House released some new books at FarmerCon XII, like The Best of Farmerphile, a huge 567 pages thick anthology edited by Michael Croteau. And the by Heidi Ruby Miller written novella Man of War. Both were released in hardcover and trade paperback.
They were delivered at my home while I was on a short vacation in France.

The new books will be added in the bibliography. I will have a lot of work to do with The Best of Farmerphile, with the nearly 60 items in it.
Heidi Ruby Miller signing Man of War
30 Jul 2017
FarmerCon XII was held this weekend, at the same time and place as Pulpfest 2017. Meteor House released their new books here, like The Best of Farmerphile in hardcover and trade paperback.

But also a sequel to Farmer's Two Hawks from Earth, the by Heidi Ruby Miller written Man of War in hardcover and trade paperback.

The new books were signed at FarmerCon XII, where you could buy a copy.
On the photo you see Heidi signing the books. Meteor House will now start shipping the ordered books to those people not attending FarmerCon XII, like me. I'm looking forward to them.
The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page
30 Jul 2017
A major update of the Official Philip José Farmer Web Page. Not so much of the contents but of the looks. The site is more than 20 years online, but the design didn't change very much in that time.
But now there is total new layout of the website, done by Farmer fan Chris Schendel.

The new design looks fantastic. Schendel did a great job with the web page. There are still several things incorrect, for instance links that are not working, but the new pages are worth your visit!
There is even a link to the PJF Forum that does not work, because the forum is long gone. But do not let that stop you to visit the Official Philip José Farmer Web Page (again).

For many years now a friend of mine, Harry Pinkster, is trying to convince me that my website needs a new design. But I have not yet persuaded him to help me with the enormous job. This site counts about 500 pages.
Two books from Colombia
9 Jul 2017
My North American friend Fred Fischer visits the family of his wife in Colombia regularly. As always he also visits some second hand bookshops in Bogota, but never found any translated Farmer books, published in Colombia, for his collection.
But the last time he visited the city Pereira. He wrote me: «I was looking through some used SF books at the oldest bookstore in Pereira, and a title caught my attention.»

That title was Los porticos de la creation (The Gates of Creation), published in Colombia by Deimos Editores. Other that it was printed in 1981 in Colombia, the book gives no further publication information.
Neither Fred nor I are sure if this is an authorized or unauthorized printing. The text of the novel is an exact copy of the Spanish publication by Dronte in 1977, printed from the same plates.

Searching the internet for more information about Deimos and its publications we came accross other titles, for instance by Robert Sheckley and Hayden Howard. All with exactly the same cover illustration.
And we found yet another title by Farmer, El dios de piedra despierta (The Stone God Awakens). Again with the same cover. This one was published before by Dronte (Spain) in 1976.

I found no futher informatio about Deimos Editores, and it is unknown if there was a relationship between Dronte and Deimos. I only know that there are two more books on my wantlist...
Finally received: Mundo infierno
10 Jun 2017
It took some time for this book, Mundo infierno, to reach my home. It's delivery was delayed two times, and then I received the message that it was returned to the sender, Amazon in Germany. My home address was not correct. Excuse me?
I immediately ordered it another time, and received it within a week. At the same home address as given with the first shipment.

Publisher and bookshop Gigamesh in Barcelona, Spain, did a great job with this book. It is a very nicely made trade paperback, with a new translation of the novel Inside Outside.
It also includes a bibliography of all of Farmer's book publications, with the Spanish translations.

The book was published i
n November 2016. It's cover illustration is done by Alejandro Terán.
Sure hope that Gigamesh will publish more of Farmer's work in Spain.

I added the new information on the bookpage.
New Spanish publication
22 May 2017
The bookshop Gigamesh in Barcelona, Spain, is also publishing a new series of science fiction books. The shop is huge and very interesting. They have many new as well as a lot of second hand books in the shop. I have been there once a few years back and bought several of Philip José Farmer's Spanish editions for my collection.

In November 2016 Gigamesh published
a translation of Inside Outside, Mundo infierno. I only saw it recently and ordered a copy from Amazon, which I expected last week. Just got a note that it got delayed and will be delivered next week.
Strange thing is that I cannot find this publication on the website of Gigamesh.
I add the new information on the bookpage as soon as I receive the publication.
Sequel to the Peerless Peer
30 Apr 2017
I received my ordered copy of The Adventure of the Fallen Stone (Being the First Part of the Account of The Dynamics of a Meteor), by John H. Watson, M.D., edited by Win Scott Eckert.
It was presented on March 25th at a signing session at Fleur Fine Books in Port Neches (TX).

From the back cover: «Join Holmes, Watson, sleuths Harry Dickson and J. Saxon Blake—intriguingly, both master detectives with digs on Baker Street, who greatly resemble Holmes in demeanor, speech, and aspect—and the alluring Isis Vanderhoek as they race across England in pursuit of a master villain and a stolen flower with remarkable medicinal properties.
  • WHAT is the mysterious lotus vitae?
  • HOW is it related to a meteor that fell in Yorkshire in 1795?
  • WILL Holmes and company success in preventing the nefarious Von Bork’s latest scheme?»
You can order Win Scott Eckert's story, a chapbook of 24 pages, from Meteor House for $8, plus shipping. There are only 200 copies, signed by the author.
The story is a sequel to Farmer's The Adventure of the Peerless Peer. By chance and nearly together I received a copy of the Canadian edition of the 1976 Dell paperback. That one was already known in the bibliography, but it was difficult to find a copy for my own collection.
Man of War - A Two Hawks Adventure
8 Apr 2017
Did you like Philip José Farmer's novel Two Hawks from Earth (1979)? It was originally published with the title The Gate of Time (1966), but Farmer revised and expanded the original text for the later retitled publication. Farmer never wrote anything more about Roger Two Hawks, but Heidi Ruby Miller did. First she wrote the story "Dakota's Gate", and now we have an announced novella by her.

From the announcement of the publisher, Meteor House:
«In Heidi Ruby Miller’s short story “Dakota’s Gate” (Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3), set on Earth 3, North America never advanced past stone tools and rock shelters. But that’s where Two Hawks met another gate traveler, Dakota Cummings. It was Dakota, a woman turned friend and lover, who pulled him through a gate to her Earth, the most alien and deadly of all.

Earth 4. Two hundred years in the future. A war thirty-six thousand feet underwater. Two Hawks must draw upon all he’s learned during his gate travels in order to survive war between technologically advanced humans and their far-future hybrid cousins. This time more than just his and Dakota’s lives are at stake—the fate of an entire world is in his hands.

Featuring cover art by Mark Wheatley, an introduction by Christopher Paul Carey, and the short story “Dakota’s Gate” as a prelude, Man of War is a 24,500-word novella full of the action and adventure you’d expect of Philip José Farmer’s Roger Two Hawks.»

It will be published in both limited and signed hardcover and in trade paperback. Order is now from Meteor House. It will be published in the Summer of this year. Probably at FarmerCon.
La Nuit de la lumière
8 Apr 2017
French publisher Le Livre de Poche brought in February 2017 a second printing of the collection La Nuit de la lumière. It got a different cover than the first printing (2008).

It is in fact a translation of the collection Father to the Stars, but it also contains both parts of the novel The Night of Light.

From the cover:
«L'étonnant Philip José Farmer, l'auteur du cycle du Fleuve de l'Éternité, transgesse une fois encore les limites de la morale, et peut-être celles de la Foi.
À l'autre bout de l'univers.»
Tales of Alien Life
2 Apr 2017
Dover Publications published in March 2017 the new anthology Strangers No More.
Subtitle is 'Tales of Alien Life by Science Fiction Masters'. All authors except one, Al Sevcik, are well known names, and are really masters in this genre.

There are eight stories in this book. Of Philip José Farmer it contains the novella "Rastignac the Devil", originally published in 1954 in the magazine Fantastic Universe.

The cover blurb gives: «Philip José Farmer's "Rastignac the Devil" tells of a fight against despotism 300 years in the future.»
Amazon originally announced it with: «Includes atmospheric original illustrations.» But there are no illustrations in the book.
The God Business received
2 Apr 2017
Armchair Fiction keeps publishing their series of 'Double Novels'. More often with novellas than novels by the way.
The books look a lot like the old Ace Doubles did. With two covers, on the front and the back. Only difference is that the stories in the books from Armchair are not back-to-back like the old Ace books.

Farmer's novella "The God Business" (1954) was published last January in the series. The other novella in this publication is "The Naked Goddess" by S.J. Byrne.

The cover art, on the back cover, is by Scott Templar, and is the same as with the first publication in the magazine Beyond in 1954.
Die Welt der tausend Ebenen as German eBooks
31 Mar 2017
German publisher Heyne, nowadays part of Random House, published in December 2016 six of the seven books of the World of Tiers (Die Welt der tausend Ebenen) series as eBooks.
Oddly enough Heyne did not translate the 'real' sixth novel, More Than Fire, into German. Neither did the original publisher of the series in Germany, Knaur, by the way. Red Orc's Rage (Der Zorn des Roten Lords) is not a real part of, only connected to the series.

The six novels are:
- Meister der Dimensionen (The Maker of Universes);
- Welten wie Sand (The Gates of Creation);
- Lord der Sterne (A Private Cosmos);
- Hinter der irdischen Bühne (Behind the Walls of Terra);
- Planet der schmelzenden Berge (The Lavalite World);
- Der Zorn des Roten Lords (Red Orc's Rage).

The six eBooks are available for the Kindle, for about €4,00 (or $4) per book. 
Novella "The God Business"
30 Mar 2017
Farmer's novella "The God Business" (1954) was published last January by publisher Armchair Fiction, in an omnibus.
The other novella in this publication is "The Naked Goddess" by S.J. Byrne.

The cover art, on the back cover, is by Scott Templar, and is the same as with the first publication in the magazine Beyond in 1954.

The book, trade paperback, costs $12.95 and is available through Amazon.
I expect my copy any day now, and will then add it on the story page. 
Many more Italian fake covers
1 Mar 2017
In December 2016 we had an entry about an Italian magazine cover of Opar, la città immortale (Hadon of Ancient Opar). Christopher Paul Carey, chronicler of several Opar stories, had found this one on the internet and asked me if I knew anything about the publication.

My research showed it to be a fake cover, of an unpublished magazine. My conclusion was confirmed in January 2017 by Ralf Lux from Germany. Years before he had found many covers like the one found by Chris.

Ralf Lux (Simak website) started his search again for the source of these fake covers. He found more than 10,500 covers. They are all published on, and are done by 'Hari von Olivaw' or 'Attilios'. The number of fake covers is still growing, because there are also very recent titles from different authors added.

Of Farmer's work there are about 120 fake covers, of his novels and of anthologies with his stories. Like the one showed here of Fuga a Opar (Flight to Opar).

Many thanks Ralf, it's a great find! Unbelievable that someone made that many fake covers.
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New Publications
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The Best of Farmerphile
edited by Michael Croteau

The Best of Farmerphile
edited by Michael Croteau
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Man of War
by Heidi Ruby Miller
(hardcover and trade paperback)

Древняя Африка
(Russian omnibus)

The Adventure of the Fallen Stone
by Win Scott Eckert

La Nuit de la lumière

The God Business
In 2016

Mundo infierno


Being an Account of the Delay at Green River, Wyoming, of Phileas Fogg, World Traveler, or, The Masked Man Meets an English Gentleman
by Win Scott Eckert

Phileas Fogg and the Heart of Osra
by Josh Reynolds
(hardcover and trade paperback)

Blood of Ancient Opar
by Christopher Paul Carey
(hardcover and trade paperback)

Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday
(hardcover and trade paperback)

They Twinkled Like Jewels

Le Monde du fleuve

The Green Odyssey
In 2015

The Song of Kwasin
(hardcover & trade paperback)

The Scarlet Jaguar
by Win Scott Eckert

Exiles of Kho
by Christopher Paul Carey

Hadon, King of Opar
by Christopher Paul Carey
(hardcover and trade paperback)

Flight to Opar
(hardcover & trade paperback)

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Forthcoming Books

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer, Volume 5 will be published in 2018 ?.

Meteor House will publish The Monster on Hold, written by Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, in the summer of 2018.

Christopher Paul Carey will write a trilogy about Kôr, son of Hadon of Opar. To be published in 2017-2018 by Meteor House.

Up From the Bottomless Pit from Meteor House.
No further info yet.