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Non Fiction by Philip José Farmer (3): Introductions
This lists all the afterwords, forewords, prefaces, introductions, notes and other comments by Farmer to his own works. The entries are in alphabetical order.
If more than one publication is mentioned, the publication of which a cover scan is included is indicated with a . Click on a cover to see it enlarged.

Afterword to "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod"
Farmer explains who and what inspired him to write this story. While rereading William Burroughs's Naked Lunch he thought, What if he, not Edgar Rice Burroughs, had written the Tarzan stories? Farmer: "I had fun doing it, but may the Lord of the Jungle forgive me."
  • Alien Sex, edited by Ellen Datlow
    Dutton, ISBN 0-525-24863-3, hardcover, 05/1990 
    Dutton, ISBN 0-525-24863-3, trade paperback, 10/1990
    [The trade paperback is a BOMC-edition. It is identical to the Dutton hardcover edition, the jacket is printed as the soft cover.]
    Grafton, ISBN 0-586-21178-0, paperback, 11/1991
    Penguin/Roc, ISBN 0-451-45142-2, paperback, 03/1992
  • (Italian: no title)
    Fantasex, edited by Ellen Datlow
    Interno Giallo/Mondadori (IperFICTION), ISBN 88-04-37563-9, hardcover, 11/1993
    Mondadori (Oscar Bestsellers 705), ISBN 88-04-41850-8, trade paperback, 08/1996
    Mondadori (Millemondi 15), no ISBN, paperback, 06/1998
  • (Czech: no title)
    Alien Sex, edited by Ellen Datlow
    Winston Smith, ISBN 80-85643-27-8, paperback, -/1994
  • (Italian: no title)
    Alien Sex, edited by Ellen Datlow
    Mondadori (Piccola Biblioteca Oscar 313), ISBN 88-04-51294-6, trade paperback, 01/2003

Paul Bacon

Afterword to "Riders of the Purple Wage"
  • Dangerous Visions, edited by Harlan Ellison
    Doubleday, no ISBN, hardcover, 10/1967
    Doubleday/SFBC (#1179), no ISBN, hardcover, 10/1967
    Berkley (D2274), SBN 425-02274-9, paperback, 12/1972
    Signet (J6240), ISBN 0-451-06240-X, paperback, 01/1975
    Signet (E7634), ISBN 0-451-07634-6, paperback, 08/1977 4th
    Signet (E8502), ISBN 0-451-08502-7, paperback, -/1980 5th
    Berkley, ISBN 0-425-06176-0, trade paperback, 09/1983
    Gollancz, ISBN 0-575-04144-7, trade paperback, 08/1987
    Ibooks, ISBN 0-7434-4553-8, hardcover, 10/2002
    Ibooks, ISBN 0-7434-5261-5, trade paperback, 10/2002
    [The trade paperback has been issued with three different covers, by Michael Whelan, John Picacio and Robert Zohrab.]
    Ibooks/SFBC (#57362), no ISBN, hardcover, 05/2003
    Gollancz, ISBN 978-0-575-10802-8, trade paperback, 02/2012
  • Dangerous Visions 1, edited by Harlan Ellison
    Berkley (N1686), no ISBN, paperback, 05/1969
    [Published in three volumes. There is also a slipcased set.]
    David Bruce & Watson, ISBN 0-851-27060-3, hardcover, 02/1971
    [Published in two volumes.]
    Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-3300-6, paperback, -/1974
    [Published in three volumes; cover by Joe Petagno. The later undated reprint has a different cover, by Fred Gambino.]
  • (French: "Postface")
    Dangereuses visions  (tome 1), edited by Harlan Ellison
    J'aiLu (No.626), no ISBN, paperback, 11/1975
  • (Italian: "Postfazione")
    Dangerous Visions, edited by Harlan Ellison
    Mondadori (Varia Fantascienza), ISBN 88-04-35083-0, hardcover, 09/1991
Diane & Leo Dillon
Diane & Leo Dillon

Author's Foreword to Behind the Walls of Terra
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-13-1, hardcover, 02/1982 
    [Trade edition of 750 copies. Deluxe edition of 250 copies in slipcase, signed and numbered by Farmer.]

Alex Ebel

Author's Foreword to The Gates of Creation
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-08-5, hardcover, 01/1981 
    [Trade edition of 750 copies. Deluxe edition of 250 copies in slipcase, signed and numbered by Farmer.]

George Barr

Author's Foreword to The Lavalite World
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-21-2, hardcover, 03/1983 
    [Trade edition of 750 copies. Deluxe edition of 250 copies in slipcase, signed and numbered by Farmer.]

Chris Miller

Author's Foreword to The Maker of Universes
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-07-7, hardcover, 08/1980 
    [Trade edition of 1000 copies. Deluxe edition of 200 copies in slipcase, signed and numbered by Farmer.]

Doug Beekman

Author's Foreword to A Private Cosmos
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-10-7, hardcover, 07/1981 
    [Trade edition of 750 copies. Deluxe edition of 250 copies in slipcase, signed and numbered by Farmer.]

Eric Ladd

Author's Foreword to "The Return of Greatheart Silver"
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 2, edited by Byron Preiss
    Pyramid (A4044), ISBN 0-515-04044-4, paperback, 12/1975
    [With an introduction by Byron Preiss.]

Jim Steranko

Author's Foreword and Afterword to "Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout"
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 1, edited by Byron Preiss
    Pyramid (A3746), ISBN 0-515-03746-X, paperback, 10/1975
    Ibooks, ISBN 0-7434-7955-6, paperback, 04/2004
    [With an introduction by Byron Preiss.]

Jim Steranko

Author's Introduction to River of Eternity
In this ten pages long introduction Farmer tells the complete story of the idea for writing this novel in 1952, originally to be called Owe for the Flesh, the reason why he didn't get paid his prize money for it and why the book did not get published at the time. Melvin Korshak, owner and publisher of Shasta, had cheated him with his money. After rediscovering one of the manuscripts came the idea of publishing this original Riverworld novel.
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-28-X, hardcover, 11/1983
    [In both the trade and limited edition.]

John Pound

Author's Note with "Crossing the Dark River"
Farmer writes that the story will continue in the next one, "Up the Bright River", and explains why he used some of his own ancestors as characters in this story.
  • in Tales of Riverworld
    Warner Books, ISBN 0-446-36269-7, paperback, 08/1992
    [Also in the second printing.]
  • (Italian: "Nota dell'autore")
    in Gli avventurieri di Riverworld
    Nord, ISBN 88-429-0756-1, paperback, 03/1994
    [The author's note is now a foreword in the book.]
  • (Russian: "Примечание автора")
    in Легенды Мира Реки
    AST & Sewero-Zapa Press, ISBN 5-17-012000-1, hardcover, 06/2002
  • (French: "Note de l'auteur")
    in Le Cycle du Fleuve (2)
    Robert Laffont, ISBN 2-221-10077-8, trade paperback, 11/2003
  • (German: "Anmerkung des Autors")
    in Das magische Labyrinth
    Piper, ISBN 978-3-492-26660-4, paperback, 11/2008
  • in Up the Bright River
    Subterranean Press, ISBN 978-1-59606-329-7, hardcover, 03/2011

Don Ivan Punchatz

Author's Note in Lord of the Trees
According to the note this book is actually Volume X of the Memoirs of Lord Grandrith, and only edited by Farmer for the American market.
  • Ace, SBN 441-51375-075, paperback, 09/1970 
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-49252-5, paperback, 05/1980
  • Severn House, ISBN 0-7278-0836-2, hardcover, 12/1982
  • Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-3488-6, paperback, 08/1983
  • (French: "Note de l'auteur")
    Le seigneur des arbres
    Presses de la Cité (Futurama Superlights 32), ISBN 2-258-01718-1, paperback, 02/1986
  • in The Empire of the Nine (omnibus)
    Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-0366-X, trade paperback, 12/1988
  • (French: "Note de l'auteur")
    Le seigneur des arbres
    Presses Pocket (no.5358), ISBN 0-266-03376-X, paperback, 06/1990
  • (Russian: "Эамеуание автора")
    Пир потаенный (Новинки SF & F), ISBN 5-85689-004-3, hardcover, 07/1993

Gray Morrow

Author's Note in The Mad Goblin
Farmer states in the note that this novel is really the work of James Caliban, M.D.
  • Ace, SBN 441-51375-075, paperback, 09/1970 
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-49252-5, paperback, 05/1980
  • as Keepers of the Secrets
    Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-3489-4, paperback, 12/1983
  • as Keepers of the Secrets
    Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-3489-4, paperback, -/1984
  • as Keepers of the Secrets
    Severn House, ISBN 0-7278-1140-1,hardcover, 08/1985
  • as Keepers of the Secrets
    in The Empire of the Nine (omnibus)
    Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-0366-X, trade paperback, 12/1988

Gray Morrow

Author's Notes in A Barnstormer in Oz
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-18-2, hardcover, 08/1982 
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-05641-4, trade paperback, 09/1982
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-06274-0, paperback, 10/1983
  • (German: "Anmerkungen des Autors")
    Ein Himmelsstürmer in Oz
    Knaur (Band 5800), ISBN 3-426-05800-6, paperback, -/1985

Alex Ebel

Author's Notes in The Caterpillar's Question
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-09488-0, hardcover, 10/1992 
  • (German:" Anmerkung der Autoren")
    Die Seelen Träumerin
    Bastei Lübbe, ISBN 3-404-24189-4, paperback, 09/1994
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-00213-7, paperback, 05/1995

Romas Kukalis

Author's Preface to Dayworld
  • Putnam, ISBN 0-399-12967-7, hardcover, 01/1985 
  • Putnam/SFBC (#2548), no ISBN, hardcover, 06/1985
  • Granada, ISBN 0-246-12693-0, hardcover, 08/1985
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-08474-4, paperback, 03/1986
  • (Dutch: "Voorwoord van de schrijver")
    De dagbreker
    Bruna, ISBN 90-229-5458-7, trade paperback, -/1986
  • Grafton, ISBN 0-586-06631-4, paperback, 09/1986
  • (Italian: "Prefazione dell'autore")
    Il sistema Dayworld
    Nord (Cosmo 168), ISBN 88-429-0170-9, trade paperback, 06/1986
  • (Portuguese: "Prefácio do autor")
    Tempo suspenso
    Europa-América (FC 139), no ISBN,, paperback, -/1987
  • (German: "Vorwort des Autors")
    Knaur, ISBN 3-426-01547-1, paperback, -/1987
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-14001-7, paperback, 06/1988
  • (Spanish: "Prefacio del autor")
    Mundo de dia
    Júcar, ISBN 84-334-4025-X, trade paperback, 03/1989
  • (Dutch: "Voorwoord van de schrijver")
    De dagbreker
    Bruna, ISBN 90-229-7943-1, paperback, -/1990

Don Ivan Punchatz

Author's Preface to Riverworld War
  • The Ellis Press, ISBN 0-933180-13-6, trade paperback, 06/1980
    [In both the limited and trade edition.]

Joan Hanke Woods

Author's Preface and Afterword to Gods of Riverworld
  • Phantasia Press, ISBN 0-932096-24-7, hardcover, 08/1983 
  • Putnam, ISBN 0-399-12843-3, hardcover, 09/1983
  • Putnam/SFBC (#3658), no ISBN, hardcover, 01/1984
  • (French: "Avant-propos" et "Postface")
    Les dieux du fleuve
    Robert Laffont, ISBN 2-221-04247-6, trade paperback, 10/1984
  • (Spanish: "Prefacio del autor" and "Addenda")
    Dioses del mundo del rio
    Ultramar, ISBN 84-7386-350-X, paperback, 09/1984
  • Granada, ISBN 0-586-06232-7, paperback, 11/1984
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-07448-X, paperback, 01/1985
  • (Portuguese: "Prefacio do autor" [no Afterword])
    Regresso ao mundo do rio -1
    Livros Do Brasil, no ISBN, paperback, -/1985
  • (Italian: "Prefazione dell'autore")
    Gli dei del Fiume
    Nord, ISBN 88-429-0164-4, trade paperback, 12/1985
  • (German: "Vorwort des Verfassers" and "Nachwort")
    Die Götter der Flusswelt
    Heyne, ISBN 3-453-31237-6, paperback, -/1986
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-29526-6, paperback, 08/1987
  • (French: "Avant-propos" and "Postface")
    Les dieux du fleuve
    J'ai Lu (no.2536), ISBN 2-277-22536-3, paperback, 01/1989
  • (French: "Avant-propos" and "Postface")
    Les dieux du fleuve
    Le Livre de Poche, ISBN 2-253-06483-1, paperback, 09/1993
  • Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-41971-5, trade paperback, 08/1998
  • (*Czech: "Úvodní slovo autora" and "Doslov")
    Bohové světa řeky
    Triton Books/Trifid, ISBN 80-7254-481-0, paperback, 03/2004
  • (Romanian: "Prefața autorului" and "Postfața")
    Zeii Lumii Fluviului
    Nemira, ISBN 978-973-143-223-6, paperback, 09/2008
  • (German: "Vorwort" and "Was bisher geschah")
    Die Götter der Flusswelt
    Piper, ISBN 978-3-492-26661-1, paperback, 12/2008
  • Tor Books, ISBN 978-0-7653-2656-0, trade paperback, 02/2011
  • (Polish: "Słowo od autora" and "Posłowie")
    Bogowie Świata Rzeki
    MAG, ISBN 978-83-7480-372-4, trade paperback, 12/2013

Kevin E. Johnson

Autobiografia for Relazioni Aliene
An autbiographical piece especially written for this Italian editon of Strange Relations. Farmer talks about his early life, the books he read as a child, the authors that influenced his work and about his early period as a writer.
  • Fanucci (Futuro 3), no ISBN, trade paperback, 11/1973

Massimo Jacoponi

Comment on "Sail On! Sail On!"
  • Backdrop of Stars, edited by Harry Harrison
    Dobson, SBN 234-77057-0, hardcover, 03/1968 
    NEL, SBN 450-02269-2, paperback, 05/1975
  • SF: Author's Choice, edited by Harry Harrison
    Berkley (S1567), no ISBN, paperback, 06/1968
  • Worlds of Maybe, edited by Robert Silverberg
    Thomas Nelson, no ISBN, hardcover, 01/1970 1st
    Thomas Nelson/BCE, no ISBN, hardcover, -/1970
    Thomas Nelson, ISBN 0-840-76104-X, hardcover, -/1970 2nd
    Dell (# 8603), SBN 440-08603-095, paperback, 11/1974
  • (Danish: "Kommentar")
    Den elektriske myre, edited by Jannick Storm
    Borgen, ISBN 87-418-4103-4, paperback, -/1972
  • (Dutch: "Commentaar")
    Sterren stralen overal, edited by Harry Harrison and Warner Flamen
    Meulenhoff (SF122), ISBN 90-290-0975-6, paperback, -/1977
  • (French: "Commentaire")
    Les meilleurs récits de Startling Stories, edited by Jacques Sadoul
    J'ai Lu (No.784), ISBN 2-277-11784-6, paperback, 11/1977
  • The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimension, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-0-615-37005-7, trade paperback, 06/2010

Richard Weaver

Comments in The Fabulous Riverboat
The introduction by Richard Gid Powers is followed by these comments on eleven points.
  • Gregg Press, ISBN 0-8398-2619-2, hardcover [no dustjacket], 07/1980


Comments in To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The introduction by Peter Nicholls is followed by seven points of comment, to correct or add some information.
  • Gregg Press, ISBN 0-8398-2620-6, hardcover [no dustjacket], 07/1980


Editor's Note in A Feast Unknown
  • Essex House (#0121), no ISBN, paperback, -/1969 
  • (Italian: "Nota del curatore")
    Festa di morte
    De Carlo, no ISBN, hardcover, -/1972
  • (French: "Avertissement")
    La jungle nue
    Champ Libre, ISBN 2-85184-016-9,trade paperback, 04/1974
  • Quartet, ISBN 0-704-31211-5, paperback, 10/1975
  • Fokker D-LXIX Press, no ISBN, hardcover, -/1975
  • Fokker D-LXIX Press, no ISBN, trade paperback, -/1975 [both editions]
  • (French: "Avertissement")
    La jungle nue
    J.C. Lattès (Titres SF 12), no ISBN, paperback, 09/1979
  • Playboy, ISBN 0-872-16586-8, paperback, 01/1980 [all editions]
  • Grafton, ISBN 0-586-07445-7, paperback, 04/1988
  • (French: "Avertissement")
    La jungle nue
    Presses Pocket (No.5329), ISBN 2-266-02872-3, paperback, 03/1990
  • (Russian: "Вступление")
    Пир потаенный
    Amex Ltd. & Lorys (Новинки SF & F), ISBN 5-85689-004-3, hardcover, 07/1993
  • Rhinoceros, ISBN 1-56333-276-0, paperback, 01/1995
  • (French: "Avertissement")
    La jungle nue
    La Découverte, ISBN 2-7071-3966-1, trade paperback, 02/2003


Foreword to The Dark Design
  • Berkley/Putnam, ISBN 0-399-12031-9, hardcover, 10/1977
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-03831-9, paperback, 07/1978 [all editions]
  • (Italian: "Lettera di Philip J.Farmer ai lettori di tutto il mondo")
    Cosmo Informatore No.1, July 1978
    [Information Bulletin of the publisher Nord.]
  • (Italian: "Premessa dell'autore")
    Il grande disegno
    Nord (Cosmo 77/78), ISBN 88-429-0086-9, hardcover, 07/1978
  • Granada, ISBN 0-586-04835-9, paperback, 04/1979 [all editions]
  • Berkley/Putnam/SFBC (#2679), no ISBN, hardcover, 11/1980
  • (German: "Vorwort")
    Das dunkle Muster
    Heyne, ISBN 3-453-30613-9, paperback, -/1980
    [in all printings]
  • (French: "Avant-propos")
    Le noir dessein
    Laffont, ISBN 2-221-00532-5, trade paperback, 08/1980
    [in all printings]
  • (Portuguese: "Prefácio")
    Desígnio negro /1
    Livros Do Brasil (Argonauta #272), no ISBN, paperback, -/1980
  • (Spanish: "Introducción")
    El oscuro designio
    Ultramar, ISBN 84-7386-324-0, paperback, 03/1983 [all editions]
  • (French: "Avant-propos")
    Le noir dessein
    J'ai Lu, ISBN 2-277-22074-4, paperback, 09/1986 [all editions]
  • Severn House, ISBN 0-7278-1448-6, hardcover, 06/1987
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-13817-9, paperback, 08/1988
  • (French: "Avant-propos")
    Le noir dessein
    Le Livre de Poche, ISBN 2-253-06282-0, paperback, 02/1993 [all editions]
  • (German: "Vorwort")
    Das dunkle Muster
    Bechtermünz, ISBN 3-86047-528-2, hardcover, -/1997
  • Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-41969-3, trade paperback, 08/1998
    [in all printings]
  • (Romanian: "Cuvânt înainte")
    Nemira, ISBN 973-569-218-X, trade paperback, -/1998
    [in all Romanian editions]
  • (Russian: "Предисловие автора")
    Темные замыслы (omnibus)
    Ast, ISBN 5-17-010429-4, hardcover [no dustjacket], 11/2001
  • (Hebrew: "Ptach ravar")
    Htavnit haafela
    Odyssey, ISBN 965-7198-25-9, trade paperback, -/2003
  • (German: "Vorwort")
    Das Dunkle Muster
    Piper, ISBN 978-3-492-26659-8, paperback, 03/2008
  • (Polish: "Przedmowa")
    MAG, ISBN 978-83-7480-096-9, trade paperback, 08/2008

Vincent Di Fate

Foreword to Flight to Opar
  • DAW, SBN 451-UW1238-150, paperback, 06/1976 
    [all editions]
  • Magnum, ISBN 0-417-01770-7, paperback, 09/1977
  • (French: "Avant-propos")
    Fuite à Opar
    Albin Michel, ISBN 2-226-00408-4, paperback, 05/1977
  • (German: "Vorbemerkung")
    Flucht nach Opar
    Bastei-Lübbe, ISBN 3-404-20025-X, paperback, -/1980
  • Methuen, ISBN 0-417-01770-7, paperback, 10/1983
  • (Italian: "Prefazione")
    Fuga a Opar
    Mondadori, ISBN 88-04-33159-3, paperback, 03/1990
  • (Spanish: "Introducción del autor")
    Huida a Opar
    Anaya, ISBN 84-207-5763-2, hardcover, 03/1994
  • (French: "Avant-propos")
    Hadon, le guerrier (Le cycle d'Opar 2)
    Éditions du Seuil / Points, ISBN 2-02-085927-0, paperback, 04/2006
  • in Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa
    Subterranean Press, ISBN 978-1-59606-471-3, hardcover, 06/2012
  • Meteor House, ISBN 978-0-9905673-1-8, hardcover, 08/2015

Roy Krenkel

Foreword to Tales of Riverworld
A few words about this shared-world anthology and the stories included herein.
  • Warner Books, ISBN 0-446-36269-7, paperback, 08/1992
  • (Russian: "Предисловие")
    in Легенды Мира Реки
    AST & Sewero-Zapa Press, ISBN 5-17-012000-1, hardcover, 06/2002

Don Ivan Punchatz

Foreword to Tarzan Alive
  • Doubleday, no ISBN, hardcover, 03/1972 
  • Popular Library, SBN 445-00427-095, paperback, -/1973
    [all editions]
  • Panther, ISBN 0-586-03941-4, paperback, 05/1974
    [all editions]
  • (French: "Avertissement")
    Tarzan vous salue bien
    Champ Libre, ISBN 2-85184-088-6, trade paperback, 01/1978
  • Playboy, ISBN 0-872-16876-X, paperback, 08/1981
  • Bison Books, ISBN 0-8032-6921-8, trade paperback, 03/2006

Milton Glaser

Foreword to Two Hawks From Earth
Farmer explains the change of the title (originally The Gate of Time) to his original one, and the changes of some parts of the text. He also added about ten thousand words, including a new ending, to this edition.
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-83365-9, paperback, 05/1979 [all editions] 
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-08092-7, paperback, 07/1985

Boris Vallejo

Foreword and Editor's Comments in The Adventure of the Peerless Peer
The Foreword is an explanation where and how this story by John H. Watson, M.D. (actually a pseudonym of Farmer) has been found, plus some words about the story at hand. In the Editor's Comments – published only in the Dell paperback – is the use of some words in this novel explained.
  • Aspen Press, no ISBN, hardcover, 11/1974
    [Only the foreword.]
  • (French: "Avant-propos")
    Le saigneur de la jungle
    Jacques Glénat, ISBN 2-7234-0019-0, trade paperback, 11/1975
    [Only the foreword.]
  • Dell (#0042), SBN 440-00042-125, paperback, 09/1976
  • Venus on the Half-Shell and Others
    Subterranean Press, ISBN 978-1-59606-142-2, hardcover, 01/2008
  • The Peerless Peer
    Titan Books, ISBN 978-0-85768-120-1, trade paperback, 06/2011
  • (German: "Vorwort" and "Kommentar des Herausgebers")
    Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke
    Atlantis, ISBN 978-3-86402-066-7, trade paperback, 07/2013
    Atlantis, ISBN 978-3-86402-103-9, hardcover, 07/2013

Alan Verner

Foreword and Introduction to The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
  • DAW (UQ1048/No.48), SBN 451-UQ1048-095, paperback, 03/1973 
  • (Swedish: "Författarens förord")
    Phileas Foggs hemliga dagbok
    Delta, ISBN 91-7228-010-7, trade paperback, -/1974
    [Only the introduction.]
  • (German: "Vorwort" und "Einleitung")
    Das echte Log des Phileas Fogg
    Heyne, ISBN 3-453-30384-9, paperback, -/1976 [all editions]
  • (French: "Avant-propos" et "Introduction")
    Chacun son tour
    Champ Libre, ISBN 2-85184-074-6,trade paperback, 05/1977
  • Hamlyn, ISBN 0-600-36747-9, paperback, 01/1979
  • (French: "Avant-propos" et "Introduction")
    Chacun son tour
    J.C. Lattès (Titres SF 28), no ISBN, paperback, 06/1980
  • Tor, ISBN 0-523-48508-5, paperback, 01/1982 [all editions]
  • (Italian: "Introduzione")
    Il diario segreto di Phileas Fogg
    Mondadori (Classici Urania263), no ISBN, paperback, 02/1999
    [Only the introduction.]
  • (French: "Avant-propos" et "Introduction")
    L'Autre Voyage de Phileas Fogg
    Terre de Brume, ISBN 2-84362-245-X, trade paperback, 09/2004
  • Titan Books, ISBN 978-0-85768-964-1, trade paperback, 05/2012

Jack Gaughan

Foreword and Introductions in The Book of Philip José Farmer
A foreword to the book and introductions to each story. Six stories have a common introduction, "Polytropical Paramyths". Plus an introduction, "Thanks for the Feast", to the essay by Leslie A. Fiedler.
See also "Preface and Introductions" in The Book of Philip José Farmer on this page.
  • DAW (No. 63), SBN 451-UQ1063-095, paperback, 07/1973 
  • The Elmfield Press, ISBN 0-7057-0067-4, hardcover, 07/1976

Jack Gaughan

Forewords in Riverworld And Other Stories
A foreword to the book, "Stories That Will Not Appear in This Volume", and forewords to each story included in this collection.
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-04208-1, paperback, 11/1979  
    [all editions]
  • Gregg, ISBN 0-8398-2618-4, hardcover [no dustjacket], 01/1981
  • Granada, ISBN 0-586-05379-4, paperback, 02/1981
    [The foreword to the book appears only in the first edition, the forewords to each story in all editions.]
  • (Italian: "Premessa")
    Il mondo di  Philip José Farmer
    Nord, ISBN 88-429-0629-8, paperback, 04/1981
    [Only the forewords to each story.]
  • (Spanish: "Introducción")
    El mundo del rio y otras historias
    Ultramar, ISBN 84-7386-353-4, paperback, 10/1984
    [Only the forewords to each story, in all editions.]
  • Ace, ISBN 0-441-72886-3, paperback, -/1987
  • (German: "Zur Novelle »Auf demFluss«")
    Die Flusswelt der Zeit
    Piper, ISBN 978-3-492-26657-4, paperback, 03/2008
    [Only the foreword to the story "Riverworld".]

Don Ivan Punchatz

"The Grant-Robeson Papers" - Foreword to "Savage Shadow"
Farmer reveals that Maxwell Grant and Kenneth Robeson wrote sixteen stories, commissioned by an "eccentric collector". This one is the first to be published finally, more than forty years after it has been written. More were to follow...
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 8, edited by Byron Preiss
    Jove/HBJ Books (M4257), ISBN 0-515-04257-9, paperback,

Stephen Hickman

Introduction to "The Monster on Hold"
In this introduction Farmer gives a summary of the previous adventures of 'Lord Grandrith' and 'Doc Caliban' and the outline of the proposed fourth novel. "The Monster on Hold" is the first draft of a chapter of that novel.
  • World Fantasy Convention 1983 (Souvenir book), edited by Robert Weinberg
    Weird Tales Ltd., ISBN 0-934498-09-1, trade paperback, 10/1983 
  • Myths for the Modern Age (Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe), edited by Win Scott Eckert
    MonkeyBrain Books, ISBN 1-932265-14-7, trade paperback, 10/2005
  • Pearls from Peoria
    Subterranean Press, ISBN 1-59606-059-X, hardcover, 09/2006
  • FarmerCon IX (Program booklet), edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House/Michael Croteau, chapbook, 08/2014

Rowena Morrill

Introduction, Forewords and Afterword in Mother Was A Lovely Beast
An introduction to the book and forewords to each entry in this collection of stories, book extracts, articles and essays. Plus an afterword.
  • Chilton, ISBN 0-8019-5964-0, hardcover, -/1974 
  • Pyramid (V4071), ISBN 0-515-04071-1, paperback, 01/1976 [two printings]

D. Dyen

Introductions and Forewords in The Grand Adventure
Farmer wrote an introduction to himself, "The Peoria-Colored Writer", an introduction to the themes of his writing, "An Overview of the Fair", and forewords to each story.
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-07211-8, trade paperback, 11/1984 
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-07212-6, hardcover [no dustjacket], 11/1984
  • (German: "Einführung: Schreibenin Peoria", "Eindrücke von der Weltausstellung" und Vorworte)
    Weltraum Aventüren
    Bastei-Lübbe, ISBN 3-404-24088-X, paperback, -/1986
  • (Italian: "Introduzione: Lo scrittoredi colore di Peoria", "Una panoramica della fiera" e premessi)
    La grande avventura
    Rizzoli, ISBN 88-17-69506-8, trade paperback, 09/1989

Michael W. Kaluta

Preface and Introductions in The Book of Philip José Farmer
A preface to the book and introductions to each story. Three stories have a common introduction, "Polytropical Paramyths". Plus an introduction, "Thanks for the Feast", to the essay by Leslie A. Fiedler.
Most forewords have been revised and edited from the previous editions, and because three stories have been replaced there are three new introductions. One of them, the introduction to the story "Uproar in Acheron", has also been reprinted in the collection The Best of Philip José Farmer.
See also "Foreword and Introductions" in The Book of Philip José Farmer on this page.
  • Berkley, ISBN 0-425-05298-2, paperback, 02/1982 
    [both editions]
  • Granada, ISBN 0-586-05656-4, paperback, 07/1983
  • The Best of Philip José Farmer
    Subterranenan Press, ISBN1-59606-036-0, hardcover, 02/2006
    [Only the introduction to "Uproar in Acheron".]

James Warhola

Prefazione dell'autore in La caduta di Dayworld (Dayworld Breakup)
A preface, not published in the US or UK editions but only in the first Italian edition, that gives more background information on Dayworld.
  • Nord, ISBN 88-429-0212-8, trade paperback, 06/1990

David Mattingly

"Why and How I Became Kilgore Trout"- Introduction to Venus on the Half-Shell
  • (French: "Pourquoi et comment je suis devenu Kilgore Trout")
    Le privé du cosmos
    Presses Pocket (No.5291), ISBN 2-266-02193-1, paperback, 06/1988
  • Bantam Spectra, ISBN 0-553-27531-3, paperback, 09/1988 
  • (Romanian: "Prefaţă: Cum şi de ce am devenit Kilgore Trout")
    Venus iesind din valuri
    Nemira (Nautilus #107), ISBN 973-9301-13-4, trade paperback, -/1997
  • (Italian: "Come e perché sono diventato Kilgore Trout")
    Venere sulla conchiglia
    Mondadori (Urania Collezione 015), no ISBN, paperback, 04/2004
  • Venus on the Half-Shell and Others
    Subterranean Press, ISBN 978-1-59606-142-2, hardcover, 01/2008
  • Titan Books, ISBN 978-1-78116-306-1, trade paperback, 12/2013


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